Justin Timberlake is married to the beautiful Jessica Biel. Read on for details on his wife, baby son and his best pics with Biel.

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Justin Timberlake is about to have a baby with wife Jessica Biel, the beautiful woman he’s married to. Read on for the latest news, net worth info & photos.

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Jessica Biel is expecting her first child with husband Justin Timberlake. Here are pictures of the actress through the years.

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Jessica Biel confirmed she is pregnant. Here are some pictures of her and husband Justin Timberlake.

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It looks like Jessica Biel may be pregnant, although she hasn’t confirmed the news. Learn about her and Justin Timberlake’s marriage and his cheating rumors.

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With Marvel’s recent announcement of Captain Marvel, slated for July 2018, here are the 10 actresses worthy of playing Carol Danvers.

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A big 7th Heaven reunion went down the other night. Check out the details here.

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Check out Jessica Biel’s best photos as she guest-stars on the season 4 premiere of New Girl tonight.

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Jessica Biel returns to TV, guest-starring on the premiere of “New Girl” opposite Zooey Deschanel. Read on for the details on Biel.

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Celebrities and athletes like this old-new diet.

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Chris Evans is playing a superhero hero yet again in Captain America: Winter Soldier. Although he’s been in multiple blockbusters, he always stays humble.

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Today, the Renaissance seems like a thing of our past that is best reserved for school field trip outings to museums. But professional PhotoShoppers disagree: celebrities in high art.

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100 of today’s hottest women for your viewing pleasure, from Mila Kunis to Jessica Biel. Consider this our Christmas gift to you.

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As you become catatonic in front of the television this winter, you’re sure to see some awful Christmas movies. That’s why we ranked them for you.

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Guess Timberlake wouldn’t “Bring Sexy Back” her way.

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JT and Jessica took each other off the market this week in a southern Italy ceremony.

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