Jessica Biel
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Jessica Biel, who stars on USA’s The Sinner, is married to Justin Timberlake and has a busy family life. Meet the other members of the Biel family.

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Jessica Biel is expecting her first child with husband Justin Timberlake. Here are pictures of the actress through the years.

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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Check out Jessica Biel’s best photos as she guest-stars on the season 4 premiere of New Girl tonight.

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Anthony Hopkins transforms into the legendary director of suspense for the film Hitchcock. The movie follows the director during the making of his iconic film, Psycho.

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It’s the holiday season, and with it (hopefully) comes vacation days during which you can go sledding, skiing or just stay at home and drink too much eggnog while watching Netflix. If you opt for the latter (and we certainly are), here are twenty movies that’ll fill you with the holiday spirit when the weather outside is frightful.

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