David Ormsby-Gore wanted to marry Jackie Kennedy after John F. Kennedy died, but she rejected him, newly discovered letters show.

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John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife and sister-in-law died in 1999. But their deaths are still at the center of conspiracy theories.

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John F. Kennedy Jr. is the subject of the documentary I Am JFK Jr. Here’s a look at his life through photos.

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Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy was the wife of John F. Kennedy Jr. The couple, along with her sister, died in a plane crash in 1999. Here’s a look at Carolyn.

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I Am JFK Jr., the latest in a series of I Am documentaries, will debut on Spike TV tonight. The film centers on the life of John F. Kennedy Jr.

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Michael Skakel, who was convicted in 2002 for murdering Martha Moxley, was released in 2013 on a $1.2 million bail. His cousin, Robert F. Kennedy, has written a book in which he proclaims Skakel’s innocence.

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Tonight, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will discuss his most recent book, in which he proclaims his cousin, Michael Skakel’s, innocence.

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What time is Robert F. Kenndy Jr.’s interview on TV tonight? When is the Dateline special and what channel is it on?

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In 2002, Michael Skakel was convicted for the murder of 15-year-old Martha Moxley. Find out how he is connected to the Kennedy family.

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Tonight, Dateline will investigate the murder of 15-year-old Martha Moxley. Click through our gallery to see photos of Martha and trial evidence used in the case.

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What time is Matt Lauer’s Dateline interview with Robert F. Kennedy on tonight? Is it even on tonight? Get answers here.

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Although Katie Holmes will always be Joey Potter from Dawson’s Creek, she’s going back on TV in a new show where she plays a Manhattan socialite.

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It looks like the rumors of Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedy brothers may be true. Reportedly, there is a sex tape with Monroe and the Kennedys …

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James Marsden has been cast in another Nicholas Sparks romantic drama, replacing the late Paul Walker.

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Fifty years after the assassination of President JFK, we look back and remember the beautiful life he led with Jackie Kennedy Onassis, plus a few unseen pics.

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