Today is National Superhero Day, when we celebrate the costumed characters from our favorite movies and comics. Here’s a look at the holiday.

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We spent a whole hour breaking down all the new gameplay details regarding Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Here’s our in-depth preview of it all.

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After waiting so long for new info on Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, the game’s devs finally dropped a boatload of news about it. Here’s all of it in one place.

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Here’s our review of the very 1st episode from Telltale Games’ Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy series.

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Ben and Ray Lai have sued Marvel for allegedly copying their comic Radix for the 2008 Iron Man movie. Their lawsuit was mostly dismissed, but will proceed with one of their claims.

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Jacob Batalon stars in Spider-Man: Homecoming, with scene-stealing jokes as Peter Parker’s best friend Ned Leeds. Here’s a look at his life and career.

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Sony has released the second Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer, which features Michael Keaton’s villain the Vulture heavily.

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The fourth Marvel Netflix series, Iron First, finally debuts on March 17. Meet Finn Jones and the rest of the show’s stars.

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Netflix released the first trailer for Marvel’s Iron Fist, the fourth series from the studio on the streaming site. It’s one more step before The Defenders.

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Microsoft’s Xbox One console became home to a new collection of great games back in 2016. Let’s break down our favorites.

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Sony’s black box of gaming was home to a bunch of great titles that made 2016 a year to remember.

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In the new year, Marvel Studios will release three new films as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Find out what new films make up the future of the MCU.

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While Nintendo’s latest console hasn’t been a smashing hit in the games department this year, it still offered up some quality experiences.

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The PS Vita library wasn’t as dry as you might think. Here’s the best games that dropped in 2016 for Sony’s portable device.

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We racked our brains and finally came up with a list of Marvel characters who we think should be playable in MVC: Infinite.

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We finally got a good look at the next major crossover fighter that is Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

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