New On Netflix: Beautiful Girls

Men grow older, drink beer and discuss the mysteries of the better sex in this ensemble toast to the ladies, now available on Netflix Instant.

New On Netflix: Ladyhawke

It’s storytime with director Richard Donner! Once upon a time, there were two lovers, kept apart by a terrible curse…

New On Netflix: Hideaway

Jeff Goldblum suffers from visions of all sorts of creepy stuff in this noble attempt at adapting Dean Koontz’s novel, now available on Netflix Instant.

New On Netflix: 8 Mile

Lose Yourself in this rough and tumble hip hop drama starring Eminem, now available for freestyling on Netflix Instant.

Best Of Netflix: The Terror Inside

Nothing can get under your skin quite like a terrifying tale of body horror! Here are a few flicks that will make you feel a bit uneasy about what might be going on in your insides, all available on Netflix Instant.