Today, President Donald Trump said he’d meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “under the right circumstances,” but rising tensions with the dictator’s nuclear ambitions have senators and conspiracists weary of war.

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Tony Kim, also known as Kim Sang-Duk, a Korean-American professor and aid worker, was detained in North Korea after teaching there for several weeks.

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Newly released surveillance footage appears to show the moment that Kim Jong Nam, half-brother to Kim Jong Un of North Korea, was attacked with deadly chemicals at Kuala Lumpur international airport in Malaysia.

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Doan Thin Hoang is one of two women accused of assassinating Kim Jong-Un’s half-brother Kim Jong-nam. She was seen wearing an ‘LOL’ shirt.

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Kim Jong-nam, the brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, was reportedly assassinated with a poison needle by two female agents at an airport in Malaysia.

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North Korea may have conducted its 5th nuclear test after a possibly artificial earthquake.

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New reports in Japanese media say a Brigham Young student, David Sneddon, who vanished in 2004, may be alive in North Korea and working as a teacher.

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During his rally in Atlanta today, Donald Trump said he would welcome North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un to the U.S. for nuclear talks, but no state dinners.

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In a new video released by the government of North Korea titled “Last Chance,” Pyongyang shows a submarine-launched nuclear missile destroying Washington.

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A 21-year-old University of Virginia student was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor by North Korea for tearing down a propaganda banner.

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Otto Frederick Warmbier is a University of Virginia student from Cincinnati who has been detained by the North Korean government as an alleged spy.

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New Jersey’s Won Man Joo wanted to be the straw that stirred Korea’s political commentary so he snuck into North Korea with the intent of getting caught. He accomplished his goal.

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New Jersey’s Won Man Joo said “I’m well, there’s no need to worry” after sneaking into North Korea in an attempt to make a political message.

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Yooni Mi Rae is a Korean pop star whose song Pay Day was featured in the film The Interview without her permission. She is now suing Sony.

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A female hacker by the name of “Lena” may have actually been behind the Sony hack, casting doubt on the FBI and studio’s claim that North Korea was the culprit.

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Sony announced the controversial film will be available on demand. Find out how you can watch it here.

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