The Britalian Job

The 1969 classic The Italian Job gets an Olympic tribute from Top Gear’s Phil Churchward that takes the Mini on a midnight heist through the streets and back alley’s of after hours London.

The Ventriloquist

Kevin Spacey’s First Shot international film competition presents the first place US division winning film, The Ventriloquist. The drama / comedy short centers around a man who depends perhaps a little too much on his wooden sidekick.

Battlefield One

In Robert Stoneman’s latest machinima, a Russian soldier battles his way through an army to take out an American sniper that has been dropping his comrades like flies.

Lobster Love Story

It’s a love story as old as time itself. Just a boy… his lobster… and the hot girl who’s trying to come between them. Crustacean love knows no boundaries.


Subway Survival Tip: If you see a mysterious old man on the subway, offer him your seat. He could be a samurai ready to cut you down with a lightsaber.

DuckTales Just Got Real

Well it’s about time that an Icelandic comedy group made a gritty, real life trailer about the troubled life and times of Donald Duck. The streets of Duckberg have never been so cruel.

Pac-Man: The Movie

Okay, it’s not a big budget Hollywood version, but it’s an incredibly well done short film. Set in the future, this Pac-Man centers around a top secret government project at an underground maze compound.