Mathew Knowles Has Breast Cancer: How Rare Is That for Men?

Getty Matthew Knowles and daughter Beyonce

Mathew Knowles, father of singing superstars Beyonce Knowles and Solange Knowles, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Knowles, who’s 67-years-old, and a the father of four with three different women, is planning to open up about his incredibly rare diagnosis on Wednesday’s episode Good Morning America with host Michael Strahan.

Breast cancer in men is extremely unusual. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, less than 1% of all breast cancer cases develop in men, and only one in 1,000 men are ever diagnosed because there’s less awareness of males developing this sort of cancer, which leads to a higher mortality rate. This fact is likely a major propellor for Knowles speaking out on his breast cancer diagnosis on a nationally syndicated morning TV show.

The symptoms of female and male breast cancers are very similar, although men don’t have breasts that develop milk, they have the same cells and tissues that can develop cancer. Typically, male breast cancer is detected by finding a hard lump underneath the nipple and areola.

What Has Matthew Knowles Been Up to Since Beyonce Dropped Him as Her Manager?

In 2009, Beyonce and Solange’s mother, Tina Knowles, after discovering he fathered a love child with former Scrubs actress Alexsandra White, separated from Matthew after 31 years of marriage. Their divorce was finalized two years later. Knowles’ son with White, Nixon Knowles, was born on February 4, 2010. Knowles also fathered a daughter with Taqoya Branscomb, Koi, who was born on July 3, 2010.

In 2011, Beyonce made the decision to drop her father as her manager, a key role he held nearly 20 years, from when she was performing with Destiny’s Child and through her debut as a solo artist. The “Single Ladies” singer explained to Oprah in an interview was an extremely difficult, but something she had to do to keep moving forward with her career.

Despite the family history, Knowles maintains a friendly relationship with Tina and his two eldest daughters. In October 2018, he said, “We see each other, we talk to each other many, many, many days, and that’s all that matters to us. We’ve never been enemies. I’ve always had nothing, nothing but positive words for Tina.”

While Knowles is no longer solely immersed in the music industry, in July, he signed on as Chief Marketing Officer of Bangi Inc., which buys and leases real estate for weed farms and dispensaries. The former manager also travels around America giving keynote speeches on entrepreneurship with the National Black MBA Association.

In addition to his own four children, Knowles is a grand father to Beyonce’s three children with husband Jay Z, Blue Ivy, 7, and 2-year-old twins Rumi and Sir, along with Solange’s son, Daniel Julez Smith Jr., who’s 14.

Knowles Is Married to Gena Charmaine Avery

On June 30, 2013, Knowles remarried to Gena Charmaine Avery, in Houston, Texas, after being engaged for a year-and-a-half. Neither Beyonce now Solange attended his wedding, both cited that they were already confirmed to previous engagements.

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