‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Final 2 Spoilers: Who Made It Through?

The Bachelor Season 24 final 3


It is all down to this, Bachelor fans. There are three women left going into the final three weeks, and we have the dirt on which two made it through and will continue to vie for Peter Weber’s heart. But be warned of spoilers ahead for the Monday, February 24, episode, where Peter and his final three went on the Fantasy Suite dates.

SPOILER WARNING: Do not keep reading if you don’t want to know who is eliminated at the Fantasy Suites and which two ladies continue on to the finale in two weeks. This is your final warning.

Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss Make It to the Finale

According to Reality Steve, the two women who make it through the Fantasy Suite episode are Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss — but it is not without a ton of drama.

At the end of the last episode, before jetting off to the land Down Under, Madison asked Peter if she could talk to him privately. In that conversation, which kicks off the Fantasy Suite episode, Madison tells Peter that she is still a virgin, and she also tells him how she feels about the Fantasy Suite. Reality Steve doesn’t believe she gives him an ultimatum — i.e., “if you sleep with one of the other girls, I’m done” — like the show has been teasing, but previews have shown Madison has certain expectations for herself and if he has slept with the other women, she might not be able to move forward with him.

Reality Steve says that once they are in Australia, Madison finds out from the other two women that they slept with Peter, and she does not take it well. Interestingly, this is the first time in the show’s history that the finalists have stayed in the same suite at this point in the show.

“This is clearly producer-driven because they basically knew exactly what was gonna happen,” writes Reality Steve.

I’m sure Robert Mills or maybe even Chris Harrison will do a podcast at some point and explain their ‘reasoning’ why all the sudden they changed up the format this season for the first time in 39 seasons to make the final 3 all stay together in the same suite during overnight dates, and I don’t know what their answer will be, I just know it’ll be bullsh*t. They’ve each gotten their own room EVERY season. Just admit you did it because Madison is a virgin, you knew it was highly likely Peter would have sex with the other ones, and you wanted Madison to find out. There’s no other explanation for why they did this. None. But I’m sure they’ll give some bogus one.

Either way, Madison decides to stay on the show (at least at this point), and Victoria is eliminated at the rose ceremony. However, this might not air on Monday, February 24, because this season is following the same pattern as Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette season and on that one, the Final 3 elimination aired at the beginning of the two-night finale. This season is also scheduled to have a two-night finale, on March 9 and 10.

This also means that Victoria won’t be on the Women Tell All special because her elimination won’t have aired yet when the Women Tell All airs.

Victoria Is Still the Biggest Drama Source

Week 9 Sneak Peek: The Fantasy Suite Sparks Drama – The BachelorAs Bachelor Peter Weber and his three bachelorettes — Hannah Ann, Madison, and Victoria F. — travel to Australia for the next chapter, the fantasy suites, jealousy, and sex threaten to derail Peter's journey to find love. From 'Week 8: Hometown Dates,' season 24, episode 8 of The Bachelor. Watch The Bachelor 2020 MONDAY 8|7c…2020-02-18T06:00:04.000Z

On their overnight date, Peter and Victoria take a helicopter ride to Morans Falls, but once again Victoria can’t stop getting in the way of her own happiness. The episode description teases that she’s “on the brink of another meltdown” and Peter has to “pull her back from another disaster.”

The description then asks, “Could this be the turning point in their relationship they need to draw closer together and make it to the fantasy suite?”

Well, we know it isn’t the turning point, but they definitely do make it to the fantasy suite. But Victoria is ready to stir up drama back at the girls’ suite, as she’s the one who says Madison is being totally unfair by giving Peter an ultimatum about sex.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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