What Happened on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 24 Finale Last Night?

Bachelor finale Chris Harrison and Peter Weber


On the first part of The Bachelor season 24 two-night finale, Peter Weber chose between his final two ladies, Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett. Or did he? It was a roller coaster ride from start to finish, so ahead of the After the Final Rose, here’s what you need to know about the Bachelor finale from last night.

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The Family

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Madison and Hannah Ann both spent time with Peter’s family and it was a tale of two experiences. Hannah Ann was open and warm and gushing and Peter’s family fell in love with her. Madison was a little guarded and nervous because they wanted to talk about her feelings about sex and how she and Peter are so different.

It ended up leaving Peter’s parents with two completely opposite opinions in regard to the two women — Hannah Ann was the one for him and Madison definitely was not. Peter’s parents were worried that he would end up risking the sure thing he has with Hannah Ann for a “maybe” with Madison.

They felt like it should be such an easy call. But Peter had to point out to them that they aren’t him, they haven’t been experiencing this journey all along, they’ve spent maybe an hour with Hannah Ann and maybe he knows more about it than they do.

Things got so intense with Peter’s parents pushing him toward Hannah Ann that he actually had to tell them to back off a little.

The Final Dates

Hannah Ann and Peter went to a kangaroo sanctuary for orphaned kangaroos, which was as adorable and heartbreaking as it sounds. He and Madison took a helicopter ride over Uluru, a monolith rock formation that Australia is famous for. But the real bombshell happened when Madison quit the show.

In a surprising bit of self-awareness and maturity, Madison said that maybe their need for this to work and their desire to be together was clouding their judgment. Maybe they aren’t actually that compatible and they can’t be what each other needs in a partner. And then she left. There was much hugging and tears and their goodbye was incredibly sad, but she left.

It was so much more intense with Madison than it was with Hannah Ann. Their date was very surface level and even Hannah Ann had to admit that something “was off” in Peter’s eyes, but she just didn’t know what it was. Apparently, he either chose not to or was not allowed to tell her that Madison quit.

Later, Peter came to Hannah Ann’s hotel room and told her that his heart was torn between the two women. She told him it hurts to hear him say that, but she respected his honesty. Hannah Ann also said that at this point, it’s out of her hands. She has done all she can and Peter has to decide now.

And that’s pretty much where they left it. But host Chris Harrison assured viewers that this was not the last we would see of Madison, nor the last we would hear from Peter’s mom. And all the intense drama is going to play out Tuesday night, March 10, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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