Bhad Bhabie Is Unrecognizable After Revealing Darker Skin Tone

Bhad Bhabie black skin tone

Instagram/Getty Bhad Bhabie is almost unrecognizable in new Instagram video.

Bhad Bhabie, who’s real name is Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli, caused a stir on social media Monday after posting a series of new videos on Instagram in which her skin tone is noticeably multiple shades darker than usual. However, Bhabi, who became famous for saying “Cash me outside, how bout dat” on Dr. Phil, and now has a full-fledged rap career, along with 17.2 million followers on Instagram, didn’t seem to mind the backlash.

The 17-year-old from Boynton Beach, Florida, is white. Her mother, Barbara Bregoli, and father, Ira Peskowitz are both caucasian. However, over the years, Bregoli has been accused of “blackfishing” – appropriating black culture to gain popularity, numerous times.

In December 2019, Bregoli received an onslaught of negative comments online after posting photos on Instagram which featured her hair in braids. Instead of deleting the pictures, she defended herself via Instagram stories. She said, “To all the black females that are saying my hair [ain’t] meant for box Braids, guess the f*** what, y’all hair [ain’t] meant to be straight but y’all glue whole wigs on to your heads and sew Brazilian/Indian/Peruvian hair which [isn’t anything] like your natural hair texture at all.”

However, in response to the videos that Bhad Bhabie posted on April 6, most users online didn’t even recognize her at first. One person tweeted, “the f*** you mean this is bhad bhabie….she is a white woman. i told her ass to act white and i got d3ath threats from her ugly ass minions. people need to realize how weird this b**** is.”

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Ion even need no wig ???

A post shared by Bhabie? (@bhadbhabie) on Apr 6, 2020 at 12:35pm PDT

Bhad Bhabie saw that she was trending online, and despite the negative comments, she appeared to enjoy the attention. Instead of deleting the videos, she added a few more. The rapper captioned one post, “Ion need a wig.” On her Instagram stories she wrote, “Aww. I’m trending. Thank you!”

There Were Strong Reactions To Bhad Bhabie’s New Darker Look on Social Media

Another person tweeted, “I hate white b****es like bhad bhabie that pretend to be black like it’s some kind of dress up game. y’all wanna look like us but don’t wanna handle the weight of being us.”

One Instagram user commented on the video, “I have no idea what I’m talking about but im still pretty sure that foundation is NOT your colour,” which was liked nearly 3,000 times.

Some users online found her transformation similar to that of singer Ariana Grande, who’s also been accused of cultural appropriation in the past.

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Not everyone wanted to trash Bhad Bhabie. One of her fans on Instagram defended the rapper saying, “Y’all really can’t just let someone be she’s feeling herself and she looks good if you’re just gonna be negative wtf is the point in commenting. got nothing better to do than make someone feel like s*** about themselves meanwhile she’s making money off your comments and you home broke and a lot less good looking than her.”

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