Austen Kroll Claps Back at Madison LeCroy & Patricia Altschul

NBCUMV Austen Kroll has a new feud this season, and it's not with Shep Rose.

While the newest season of Bravo’s Southern Charm is currently unfolding onscreen, there’s also drama unfolding offscreen. Southern Charmers Austen Kroll, Madison LeCroy, and Patricia Altschul are currently in a bit of a tizzy. During a recent episode, Altschul welcomed Southern Charm newcomer John Pringle into her home for a cocktail with her son Whitney Sudler-Smith.

During the conversation, the topic of LeCroy and Kroll’s relationship came up. The Southern Charm matriarch has always had a fond opinion of LeCroy, as she often styles Altschul’s hair. Altschul then suggested that Pringle should pursue LeCroy, and she revealed she doesn’t have the most fond opinion of her current boyfriend Kroll.

“She is very career driven, she’s ambitious and he is so… lackadaisical,” Altschul said about LeCroy and Kroll during an episode. “He’s in three stores in Charleston. This is not Budweiser. Madison deserves Budweiser.” Altschul is referring to Kroll’s brewing company Kings Calling Brewing Co.

Since Altschul made those comments, Budweiser sent Altschul a package including a Budweiser cooler, apparel, koozies, dog toys, and more. Altschul showed off her goodies on Instagram and captioned the video, “Thank you Budweiser for these great gifts. ‘Everyone deserves Budweiser.'” Budweiser commented on her video, “Never settle for less than you deserve!”

Kroll Shaded LeCroy’s Promotion

InstagramA screenshot of Madison LeCroy’s Instagram story from Wednesday, November 25.

Altschul wasn’t the only Southern Charmer to get a box of goodies. LeCroy posted a video to her Instagram story showing off the same goodies that Altschul got. In the video, she said, “When you become a Budweiser girl overnight.” LeCroy also joked about wearing matching Budweiser one-pieces with Altschul in the Instagram story on Wednesday, November 25.

InstagramA screenshot from Austen Kroll’s Instagram story on Wednesday, November 25.

Kroll didn’t seem to be too pleased that LeCroy was supporting another beer company and Altschul’s comments. Kroll screen-recorded LeCroy’s Instagram story video, as seen above, and added the caption, “Interesting to see people who claim to love and support me, do anything for money. This just strengthens my resolve! Kings Calling is coming for King of Beers!”

InstagramA screenshot from Madison LeCroy’s Instagram story on Wednesday, November 25.

LeCroy wasn’t having Kroll’s comments. Only a few hours later, LeCroy posted a text message screenshot appearing to be from Kroll on her Instagram story. The text messages, as seen above, show someone appearing to be Kroll texting her, “And said what? It’s just not nice. Orrr, f*** it, take the [money bag emoji].” LeCroy apparently responded, “About time,” and Kroll then asked if he could come over.

The 30-year-old Charleston hairstylist captioned the screenshot, “Truth is…Austen Kroll told ME to take the [money bag emoji]? But now you’re mad!?” LeCroy and Kroll deleted their Instagram stories before they expired.

Kroll Suggested His Disagreements With Altschul Are Ongoing

As many Southern Charm fans know, Kroll enjoys having a few beers and going Instagram Live with his costar Craig Conover. The two constantly interacted with fans this way over the COVID-19 quarantine and continue to do so.

During the latest episode of Southern Charm on November November 19, Kroll and Conover went Instagram Live to react to the show. Conover read a fan comment that said, “Is Whitney [Altschul’s son] mad at you since you started fighting with his mom?” Kroll then spilled the, “inside scoop.”

“Whitney called me today, he called me when I was in Kansas City, and we talked for awhile,” Kroll said on the Instagram Live. “I don’t wanna betray anyone’s confidence in phone calls and so on and so forth, but I was like, ‘Whitney look, your mom is playing ball right now, and I’m gonna defend myself and that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m sick and tired of taking punches and thats that,’ and he was like, ‘I know I know, but,’ and I was like, ‘okay alright,’ and I’m not gonna dive into detail until the reunion which is coming up.”

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