Chris Kattan Left ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Over ‘Family Issues’

Chris Kattan

CBS Chris Kattan on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

On February 9, fans watching the “Celebrity Big Brother” live feeds gleaned from the houseguests’ conversations that comedian Chris Kattan had left the show.

CBS waited to address Kattan’s absence until the February 11 episode. Miesha Tate read a note from production to the other houseguests, announcing that Kattan had decided to leave. He said goodbye to the other cast members with a video message.

It was clear from watching Kattan on the show that he had little to no knowledge of “Big Brother” and wasn’t exactly enjoying his experience. But what ultimately caused him to leave the show prematurely?

Heavy had a chance to catch up with the “Saturday Night Live” alum about the family issues that contributed to his departure, what he expected from “Celebrity Big Brother”, and who from the cast he found phony.

The Family Issues That Prompted Kattan to Leave

Kattan told Heavy that “family issues” contributed to his decision to leave the game early. “My stepdad is very sick and I wanted to know how he was doing. They wouldn’t let me know because that’s part of the rules. You aren’t allowed to know and have contact with the outside world,” he said.

Although Kattan says he was struggling with having cameras on him 24/7 even without the family issues, not being able to check in on his stepdad is ultimately what caused him to walk away.

“If I did have that while I was on the game, things would be totally different. I would’ve probably stayed. But I needed that contact, I wanted to know if he was okay,” he said.

What Did Kattan Think ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Would Be Like?

Kattan engaged in virtually no game talk while in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house. He never formed alliances and he always seemed completely surprised at the nomination ceremonies. What was he expecting from the experience going into it?

“What I hoped was to be my experience was to have a really fun time,” he told Heavy. “A lighthearted time and a time to bond with other people and have fun with them, you know, make new friends and hopefully avoid the alliance stuff.” He says that he didn’t know alliances were such a big part of the show until a few weeks before he entered the house.

“I’m not a competitive person and I don’t like cliques and stuff like that. I just like having a great time,” he added. “I don’t like to speak behind people’s backs and I had no idea that’s what that show is so much about.”

Kattan says that the experience of being cut off from the outside world with cameras watching your every move was difficult for the entire cast, not just him. “That’s probably why everyone is crumbling right now, screaming at each other. I got out at the right time,” he told Heavy.

Since Kattan left the show, alliance members have begun turning on each other, and Todd Bridges and Cynthia Bailey got into a screaming match.

Kattan Called Chris Kirkpatrick Out for Phony Behavior

Kattan called the nature of conversations in the house “social media conservations.” “It was hard for me to have like a heightened reality show conversation with someone when it didn’t feel real. I’d rather be a real person that was captured being myself than being in performance mode while I’m sleeping,” he said.

He said of NSYNC alum Chris Kirkpatrick, “I could not have a real conversation with him. Cause he would ask me ‘how you feeling today?’ with a microphone right below his neck. And I would say, ‘take your microphone off and I will tell you’. And then instead of him doing that, he walked away.”

Kattan did acknowledge that houseguests are not allowed to take off their microphones at any point. In our exit interview with Kirkpatrick, he mentioned that Kattan got suspicious of his motives, but insisted that he wasn’t only checking in on him for the cameras. “I just honestly wanted to make sure he was okay,” he said.

Still, Kattan says he made “lifelong friends” in the house. He told Heavy that he and his girlfriend Maria are going to go watch Miesha fight in Las Vegas and have Cynthia cook for them. “Carson (Kressley) and I are talking about doing a tv show together,” he said, revealing that it would be some kind of cooking show. “I’ll be the comedic eater. I’ll judge his frosting all the time.”

Kattan Missed His Girlfriend in the House

Kattan told Heavy that another hard thing about being in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house was missing his girlfriend, Maria. Shortly after leaving the show, he shared a picture of him and Maria on Instagram. She flew to California from Springfield, Illinois to stay with him for a couple of days after he got out.

“It’s like a new love thing and we’re just kind of nuts about each other,” he said. “She’s the love of my life and I’m really excited about it.”

Kattan said his girlfriend’s advice to him going into the game was, “whatever you do, do not cry.” Despite having a tough time on the show, Kattan managed to refrain from tears. “That’s the last thing you wanna do is see a comedian cry,” he said, laughing.

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