Andy Cohen Told to Cut Joke From BravoCon

Andy Cohen.

Heavy/Bravo Andy Cohen was asked to cut a joke at BravoCon.

Andy Cohen was told to “cut” one of his jokes before taking the stage at BravoCon 2023. The request was made by “Real Housewives of Potomac” star, Gizelle Bryant.

During The Bravos — an awards show that aired at the end of the convention — Cohen made a comment about Robyn Dixon’s husband, Juan Dixon. The joke was about Bravo paying for attendees hotel rooms, which was a dig at the cheating rumors surrounding Juan Dixon. According to ET, a woman presented a receipt for a hotel room that had Juan Dixon’s signature on it.

As it turns out, Bryant didn’t want Cohen to tell the joke. “I didn’t like that,” Gizelle told Us Weekly. “Full disclosure: I saw him first before he saw [Robyn Dixon], and he asked me, should he do the joke or should he cut it? And I said, ‘Cut it.’ And he’s like, ‘Yes, definitely, brilliant. Cut it! We’re gonna cut it,'” she explained.

Here’s what you need to know:

Robyn Dixon Approved Andy Cohen’s Joke

Perhaps the main reason that Cohen didn’t end up taking the joke out was because Robyn Dixon actually approved it. Cohen caught up with her before going on stage and she was all for it.

“I can laugh at myself… I can laugh at situations,” Robyn Dixon told Us Weekly. She then confirmed that Cohen ran it by her first. “I know how ridiculous the situation sounds and I can laugh at that and acknowledge it. And so yeah, when [Andy] was like, ‘There’s a joke that I was going to put in,’ … I was like, ‘Well, tell it to me.’ And he told it to me. I was like, ‘Oh yeah, put it in,'” she added.

As the story goes (per ET), Juan Dixon claims that he was just trying to help the woman out by paying for her room. He said that she lost her wallet and that he put the room on his credit card. Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon continue to work through their issues as the storyline plays out on season 8 of RHOP.

Robyn Dixon Said Her Relationship ‘Makes Sense’ to Her

In an interview with TVLine at BravoCon 2023, Robyn Dixon defended her decision to stay with her husband.

“It’s kind of strange to me because this is my life and so, clearly I understand my life,” she told the outlet. “Juan and I have been together since we were 17 years old. We’re best friends Our families are extremely tight and intertwined. Of course my relationship makes sense to me,” she added.

The Dixons were married from 2005 until 2012 when they split because of infidelity, per ET. They stayed living under the same roof to best co-parent their two boys and ended up getting back together. In February 2023, they got remarried.

“Our way, our why,” Robyn Dixon captioned a photo of the family on her (second) wedding day.

Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon are parents to sons Corey and Carter.

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