Fans React as Andy Cohen’s Mom Poses in Bravo’s Most Scandalous Sweatshirt

Andy Cohen

Getty Andy Cohen surprised fans.

Andy Cohen’s mom wore a piece of Bravo history, but not all fans were on board with the look.

The “Watch What Happens Live” host’s mom, Evelyn Cohen, posed in the infamous TomTom hoodie that Raquel Leviss presented to him during her appearance on the Bravo chatfest in March 2023, and fans had a field day after Cohen posted a pic.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Asked Andy Cohen if He Washed the TomTom Hoodie Before Giving it to His Mom

Both Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval have been seen in a negative light this season on “Vanderpump Rules.”  Schwartz has even been accused of being a  decoy in Sandoval’s cheating scandal with Leviss, which was uncovered on the same night she appeared on Cohen’s late-night show as a guest.

Hours before Leviss and Sandoval’s affair was unearthed, the former pageant queen gifted Cohen a Tom Tom hoodie during a live episode of “Watch What Happens Live.” Cohen was thrilled to receive the glittery gift that promotes the Toms’ West Hollywood bar business.

Two months — and one scandal —  later, Cohen’s mom posed on his balcony wearing the black glitter hoodie.

“MomTom! (She asked to borrow a hoodie so how could I resist!?)” Cohen captioned the pic. He also posted a comment to jokingly rename the cheating scandal “ScandEVol” after his mom.

But some fans called Cohen out for dressing his mom in tainted duds.

“I hope you washed that! Lol” one fan wrote.

“I did NOT! There is dna on it that’s significant to Bravo Historians!” Cohen replied.

“It’s our equivalent of the blue Gap dress!” another commenter cracked, in reference to Monica Lewinsky’s infamous blue dress that made headlines following her affair with Bill Clinton.

“instacarting you a blacklight NOW 🤣,” another fan told Cohen.

Others called out Cohen for letting his mom “wear that thing without scalding it.”

“Your Dad better watch out! That sweatshirt makes people do shady things.. for 7 months!” another fan chimed in.

“STOP IT @bravoandy! Evelyn deserves better!” another fan wrote, while another added, “Even your cute mum can’t save the Tom’s anymore.”

Raquel Leviss Was Also Slammed For Wearing the Same TomTom Hoodie

The hoodie style has been a topic among Bravo fans since October 2022, when Leviss wore the same type while at BravoCon. At the time, some people thought she wore the hoodie as a dig at Schwartz ex-wife Katie Maloney. After Maloney called her ”a fan girl” in an Instagram comment, Leviss responded to say that she’s a fan of both of the Toms and enjoys supporting their businesses.

When Leviss gave Cohen a similar sweatshirt  during her WWHL appearance, the surprised Bravo host asked her, “Do you have ownership of TomTom swag?”

But days later, after news of Scandoval broke, Cohen posted to his Instagram story as he pondered the meaning of the hoodie and the possible secrets that it held.

“I’m now wondering, does this sweatshirt hold all the answers to our questions?” he said as the camera panned in on the hoodie. “What does this sweatshirt know? What has it seen? What stories can it tell? It’s just sitting here kind of reverberating. I don’t know. I need answers, sweatshirt. Talk to me!”

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