Austen Kroll Opens Up About Dating Life & Taylor Ann Green Situation

Austen Kroll and Taylor Ann Green

Heavy/NBCUniversal Austen Kroll and Taylor Ann Green

Austen Kroll is set to be front and center on some of the big “Southern Charm” drama in season 9 as rumors started swirling in the first episodes of a possible hookup with co-star Taylor Ann Green.

While Green denied to Olivia Flowers, her best friend and Kroll’s ex-girlfriend, that anything untoward had happened, she did admit that she broached the possibility of dating Kroll amidst her emotional turmoil following her breakup with Shep Rose. On October 4, Kroll shared with Decider that the idea of going beyond a friendship with Green was first planted by fans and media speculation.

“You know, the idea that fans on the internet were ablaze after seeing the thing last year with Taylor and I, and I’m talking to her about Shep, and people were really, really keen on that idea,” he shared. “It is interesting, how, you know, confusion, and a little bit of a shoulder to shrug in … it’s a tough thing to ignore, you know?”

“I’m not saying I’m completely influenced by the internet, but I saw it, you know, and so did she, and we were like ‘What in the world?'” Kroll added.

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Austen Kroll Said He Wanted a Season of ‘Southern Charm’ Where His Storyline Wasn’t Related to His Dating Life

Kroll said the storyline with Green was not his intention heading into the season as he’d been working on himself and wanted the 9th season to focus more on his personal growth.

“Going into the season, I had high hopes that it was just going to be like a different season for Austen,” he told Decider. “Being in therapy, and trying out to figure out some things, inward, so that it could help me progress in my life in the long run. You know, exploring why relationships hadn’t worked out and what I can do differently.”

Kroll explained that he didn’t want to focus on dating this season, as all his other seasons on “Southern Charm” saw the “Pillows and Beer” podcast host involved with someone. “But of course it ends up happening anyways, whether I liked it or not,” he added. “As much as I try to move on, people won’t let me and I get sucked into things that I just want to move on from. It was just an interesting one.”

The Beginning of ‘Southern Charm’ Season 9 Saw the Cast Members Begin to Speculate About Austen Kroll & Taylor Ann Green

The first few episodes of the 9th season saw cast members question the closeness of Kroll and Green’s friendship given that Green is the ex-girlfriend of Kroll’s good friend Rose. During a guys’ night out, Rose shared that it didn’t bother him but then changed his tune once he learned that Green had slept over at Kroll’s house.

Meanwhile, Green admitted to Flowers that she’d approached Kroll after her breakup with Rose and asked him, “Austen, is this something we explore?”

As the trailer for season 9 showed, the closeness between Green and Kroll and the discussion of a hookup dominated many conversations and arguments among the group.

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