Carl Radke Explains Why It’s Not ‘Fair’ For Him to Date After Lindsay Hubbard Breakup

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard

Heavy/NBCUniversal Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard.

Carl Radke is still single six months after ending his engagement to Lindsay Hubbard —and he plans to keep things that way for at least a few months more.

The “Summer House”  stars had planned to marry in Mexico in November 2023. In August, Radke told his fiancée he couldn’t move forward with the wedding, a source told Entertainment Tonight at the time. At the last minute, the breakup was filmed for the Bravo reality show.

Speaking with Us Weekly in February 2024, Radke  said, “I’m not dating yet.” “I don’t personally feel it’s fair to enter another relationship while I’m still dealing with some entanglements,” he added.

Radke explained that when the new season of “Summer House” begins, he will have to relive the drama that played out with Hubbard last summer. He noted it would be hard enough to do that without having to rehash it with a new girlfriend in the picture.

“Let’s be honest, starting February 22, every Thursday night, you have to relive this,” he told the outlet. “My breakup is going to be a big conversation. I don’t know if that’s also fair for myself and anybody else that I would pursue.”

Radke said he planned to focus on other things in his life for now. “[I am] taking some advice of my own and just taking a step back,” he said. “Focus on my family, focus on my friends and focus on my career. And then I think the girl will come at some point.”

Carl Radke Revealed When He Will Start Dating Again

Once the upcoming season of  “Summer House” finishes airing later this spring, Radke could be ready to date. He told E! News that he is still taking time to “heal” from his breakup and also focus on himself.

“I think that person will come, but I’m not rushing or looking because there’s still some emotional attachment,” he added of a future girlfriend. “Rewatching it on TV and pursuing a new relationship while some of this is still brewing, to me that doesn’t feel appropriate to open my heart to something else when I’m just not there yet.”

“Maybe by the summertime,” he added of a potential timeline to start dating again. Radke did not share if he will return to the Hamptons party house in the summer of 2024 should “Summer House” be renewed for a ninth season.

Lindsay Hubbard is Living Her Best Single Life

While Radke is taking his time dipping back into the dating pool, Hubbard spoke about putting herself back out there less than three months after their split. In November 2023, she told E! News she was “looking forward” to meeting new guys following the unexpected end of her engagement. “I’m looking forward to my future,” she said. “To my new journeys ahead. And seeing what kind of men are out there for me to hang out with. Get to know. Flirt with.”

A few days later, Hubbard told “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen” that she has met some new male friends already. “Let’s just say we have bros in different area codes,” the “Summer House” star teased.

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