Craig Conover Gives New Insight Into Lindsay Hubbard & Carl Radke’s Split

Lindsay Hubbard Carl Radke

Bravo/Getty Lindsay Hubbard Carl Radke

Craig Conover said there was trouble in paradise for Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke while they filmed “Summer House” two months ago.

The  “Southern Charm” star spent time in the Hamptons with his girlfriend Paige DeSorbo as filming for Bravo’s beach-based reality show took place in July and August 2023, and he noted that it wasn’t an easy summer for the formerly engaged couple.

Hubbard and Radke ended their engagement in August 2023, just two months before they were to get married in Mexico, according to Entertainment Tonight.  Radke reportedly broke up with Hubbard in front of “Summer House” cameras and she was “blindsided” by his decision, a source told Us Weekly.

Here’s what you need to know:

Craig Conover Said ‘Summer House’ Fans Will See Lindsay Hubbard & Carl Radke’s Relationship Issues Play Out



In September 2023, Conover was a guest on “Watch What Happens Live,” where he was asked if he has spoken to Hubbard or Radke since they announced their split.

“I haven’t since the news broke,” Conover revealed. “Because, I mean, what is there for me to say?”

“But I was with them this summer and I think what everyone has to remember is there’s a lot of TV to watch and there’s a lot of context,” he added. “There’s two months of stuff that no one has seen yet, and so I wish them both well I had great convos with both of them this summer, and unfortunately, the end result came out and I just think that there’s those gaps will be filled in a little better when everyone gets to watch.”

Conover stopped short of saying he wasn’t surprised by the split, telling host Andy Cohen, “I don’t want to be that guy. But like, this summer is not the easiest for them. And I was surprised that they didn’t go through with the wedding but there’s gonna be more context.”

The “Southern Charm” star admitted that he has not reached out to the former couple because it feels like everyone is still “walking around land mines” right now.

Conover’s co-star Madison LeCroy, who was also a guest on “Watch What Happens Live,” hinted that she was not shocked by the “Summer House” stars’ split. “Yeah, no, honestly I …no comment,” she said.

Craig Conover Previously Said He was ‘Very Surprised’ by the Breakup Despite Being in the Know About the Couple’s Difficult Summer

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard

BravoCarl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard.

This isn’t the first time Conover has spoken about Hubbard and Radke’s sudden split. In a previous chat with Page Six, the “Southern Charm” star said he was “very surprised” by the breakup,  although he admitted he saw some signs of trouble between the two.

“I at least thought they would get married and then whatever happened, happened,” he said, before adding that the rest of the cast saw some things going on between the former couple over a two-month period.

“For two months, we had all dealt with this,” the Sewing Down South founder explained. “You know, it’s not like they had a great summer and all of a sudden, this happens.”

Well before the split was announced, Conover’s girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo, had been openly skeptical about Hubbard and Radke’s relationship. She went so far as to call the two “fake” during the “Summer House” season 7 reunion.

In July 2023, she also teased trouble during a “Giggly Squad” show in Montreal. In a clip shared the @Queensofbravo fan account, DeSorbo laughed off a question about Hubbard and Radke’s wedding planning.

“I, um, I really … I can’t give you any tea … but there’s tea, honey!” she told a fan during the show.

After the split was made public, DeSorbo thanked a fan who credited her for being right all along about the engagement not being “authentic.”

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