Jo Wenberg Says VPR Cast Realized 1 of the Show’s Stars Had Lied at the Reunion

Jo Wenberg and the cast of "Vanderpump Rules" season 11.

Heavy/NBCUniversal Jo Wenberg and the cast of "Vanderpump Rules" season 11.

“Vanderpump Rules” personality Jo Wenberg, who filmed for the show’s 11th season, is teasing information about the upcoming reunion, which was shot in March 2024. 

While recording the April 11 episode of former “Vanderpump Rules” star Rachel “Raquel” Levisspodcast, “Rachel Goes Rogue,” Wenberg noted that she was present during the season 11 reunion. She stated that her former friend, Tom Schwartz, was questioned about their relationship while filming the reunion. As fans are aware, Schwartz and Wenberg had a sexual relationship for over a year. While Wenberg stated that they loved each other, Schwartz said he was not interested in having a serious relationship following his 2022 divorce from his ex-wife, Katie Maloney

According to Wenberg, the “Vanderpump Rules” cast was surprised by revelations made about her dynamic with Schwartz at the reunion. She referenced that Schwartz continually stated that he and Wenberg only had a platonic relationship.

“They were baffled. It was really neat to see kind of like a gasp of like, ‘Oh, [Schwartz] not only lied to Jo. But you lied to us, and you also lied to [Bravo producer] Andy [Cohen], and you lied to everybody. And like it’s very clear throughout the season that you guys were together. But we all thought that Jo was the liar. And when in reality, Jo was the one who was being honest,’” said Wenberg. 

She also stated that Maloney “apologized to [her]” while filming the season 11 reunion. In addition, Wenberg stated that she and Schwartz are no longer speaking. 

Jo Wenberg Discussed Lala Kent’s Behavior at the Season 11 Reunion

During the “Rachel Goes Rogue” episode, Wenberg stated that Lala Kent confronted her castmates, including Scheana Shay, Ariana Madix, and Maloney, during the season 11 reunion. 

“It just seemed that Lala was very matter of fact. And she was really calling out people, and she was calling out moments with Scheana. And she was calling out moments even with Katie, and she was calling out moments with Ariana, and it felt like that was kind of like, to be honest with you, why wouldn’t you?” said Wenberg. 

While speaking to Access Hollywood in April 2024, Kent discussed the season 11 reunion. According to Kent, some of her castmates were dishonest during the reunion.

The reality television personality also stated that she found the season 11 reunion “extremely healing.” 

“They did something with the reunion and finale – with us – I don’t know how it’s going to play out on TV, but they did something very different. And it was extremely uncomfortable. But very genius,” said Kent. 

Tom Schwartz Shared Information About the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 11 Reunion

Schwartz discussed the upcoming season 11 reunion in a different April 2024 interview with Access Hollywood. He stated that while the cast has “a lot of love” for each other, “people did not hold back.” 

“It was uncomfortable. Just heartfelt. Just raw emotion just flowing the entire time,” said Schwartz. 

He also stated that he and his castmates cried during the reunion. In addition, he suggested that some of the show’s stars no longer get along following the season 11 reunion. 

“I left just feeling sad about where our group was and how fractured it is right now. Like Lala and Ariana have not been getting along great. Lala and Katie haven’t been getting along great. I like it when we are one big happy family,” said Schwartz.