Katie Maloney’s Mother Says Lala Kent’s Instagram Post Was ‘Extremely Out of Line’

Lala Kent and the season 11 cast of "Vanderpump Rules."

Heavy/NBCUniversal Lala Kent and the season 11 cast of "Vanderpump Rules."

Vanderpump Rules” star Katie Maloney’s mother, Teri Maloney, is unhappy with her daughter’s castmate, Lala Kent

BravoTV.com reported that during an April 2024 interview on the “I Take Bravo Very Seriously” podcast, Teri Maloney addressed a March 27 Instagram Story, in which Kent suggested she stopped being friends with her daughter as she believes Katie Maloney likes to be surrounded by “miserable” people. 

“I’m sure if I go back to being miserable we’ll get real thick again,” wrote Kent in the post. 

Kent added that she did not initially want to share her comment as she did not want to hurt Teri Maloney. 

“Contemplated not posting this because I love her mom. Sorry Ter!” stated the mother of one. 

During the “I Take Bravo Very Seriously” podcast episode, Teri Maloney said she did not appreciate Kent’s Instagram Story. 

“I was very surprised. And a little bit shocked to not only see what she said about Katie but to see that I was included in that comment,” stated Teri Maloney. “Because it was like she knew she was going to say something very, very hurtful, extremely out of line in my opinion, to the point that not only was it going to hurt Katie, but it was going to hurt me as well. And then she went ahead and posted it anyway.” 

Katie Maloney’s mother then said she was surprised by Kent’s behavior. 

“That’s just not the Lala I know — to do something like that. I still don’t understand it,” said Teri Maloney.

She stated that while Kent and Maloney have “had their ups and downs,” they had established a close relationship. Teri Maloney also said she is friends with Kent’s mother, Lisa Burningham.

In addition, Teri Maloney stated that she believed her daughter and Kent could rekindle their friendship.

“I hope they can get past it and forgive each other,” said Katie Maloney’s mother.

Katie Maloney Said She Was Confused by Her Castmate’s Comments About Having a Falling Out 

On the March 19 episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” Katie Maloney referenced that Kent had stated they had a falling out before the production of the show’s 11th season. Katie Maloney said she was confused by Kent’s comments, as she does not recall fighting with her during that specific time period. 

“I don’t really know exactly what she’s talking about,” said Maloney. 

Kent reacted to Katie Maloney’s March 19 “Watch What Happens Live” interview in a March 22 Amazon Live. She suggested that she was unhappy with her castmate’s remarks. 

“She has amnesia it seems. A lot these days. ‘I can’t remember anything. What? What?’ I cannot. I can’t. ‘No idea what she’s talking about.’ I tend to forget when I feel stupid too,” said the reality television star. 

Lala Kent Shared Her Thoughts About Her Castmate Ariana Madix 

Kent seems to be at odds with her other “Vanderpump Rules” castmate Ariana Madix. During a March 2024 appearance on “The Talk,” Kent addressed rumors that she and Madix had an intense interaction at the season 11 reunion, filmed in March 2024, which ended their friendship. 

“I think the exact tweet was, ‘Ariana eviscerated Lala and it was friendship ruining.’ And only one of those things is true. I’ll let y’all decide,” said Kent. 

Kent also stated that she did not appreciate Madix’s behavior after her breakup with Tom Sandoval in March 2023. As fans are aware, Madix ended her relationship with Sandoval after he had an affair with former “Vanderpump Rules” star Rachel “Raquel” Leviss

During the April 5 episode of her podcast, “Give Them Lala,” Kent stated that she had difficulty understanding Madix’s anger toward Sandoval as she continued living in their shared Valley Village home after their split. She also noted that Madix began seeing her current boyfriend, Daniel Wai, 10 days following her March 2023 breakup. 

In addition, Kent claimed that Madix did not take issue when Sandoval spoke aggressively to other women when they were a couple. 

“He has consistently been unkind to me. He has been consistently unkind to Katie. And who has never come to anyone’s defense? Ariana Madix. Not once. She falls back,” said Kent. 

She then suggested that she believes Madix should not expect her castmates to come to her defense during arguments with Sandoval.

“Now, suddenly because you are on the receiving end of his misogynistic ways, you’re looking for backup. There’s only one way to look at it,” stated Kent.