Lindsay Hubbard Removes Last Sign of Carl Radke From Her NYC Apartment

Lindsay Hubbard

Heavy/NBCUniversal Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay Hubbard removed one of the last reminders of  Carl Radke from her apartment.

The “Summer House” stars ended their relationship in August 2023, less than three months before they were to be married in Mexico.  Radke blindsided Hubbard by telling her he couldn’t move forward with the wedding, a source told Entertainment Tonight.

Days after her destination wedding was supposed to take place, Hubbard cleaned house of a blatant reminder of Radke.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lindsay Hubbard Took Down the ‘Rad House’ Sign From Her Apartment


When Hubbard and Radke move into their luxurious New York City apartment, they gave the place a nickname. In a video tour for, the couple opened up their door to cameras, and a neon-lit sign that said “Rad House” could be seen hanging on a wall in the open kitchen. ‘Welcome to Rad House,” Hubbard told fans.

In April 2023, Hubbard used the “Rad House” term again when she posted to Instagram after a holiday celebration with co-stars and other friends at her New York City pad. “Easter crew at #RadHouse 🙃,” she captioned a photo taken at the apartment.

But seven months later, Rad House is no more. In an Instagram post on November 21, Hubbard shared a series of selfies taken in the apartment. The Bravo star posed in the living and dining room area in nine photos as she showed off various outfits. “Been taking a lot of selfies lately… 😎,” Hubbard captioned the post.

But in a 10th slide, Hubbard shared a short video clip. In the video, she was standing on a  chair as pal Danielle Olivera helped her take down the glass “Rad House” sign. As Hubbard removed the neon fixture from the wall, she broke a piece of the glass on it.

“We’re done with this,” Hubbard said in the video.

Fans reacted in the comment section.

“You go girl! Good for you. Life is just fine without him,” one fan wrote.

“It’s giving ‘we’re done here’ 😂👏🏼,” another wrote.

“Hubb House for life🙌,” a third chimed in.

Others were surprised it took Hubbard so long to remove the sign. And others felt it was petty for the “Summer House” star to film the moment.

“There’s something about staging this photo of her taking down the sign and posting it that feels so cringy to me😭 glad she’s moving on but this just feels odd for some reason,” one commenter wrote on Reddit.

“Very cringe for a late-30’s person to post. This screams high school,” another agreed.

Lindsay Hubbard Previously Revealed Why She’s Staying in the Apartment

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke

Heavy/NBCUniversalLindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke.

Hubbard and Radke moved into “Rad House” in May 2022. According to the New York Post, the exes rent the upscale two-bedroom, three-bathroom Kips Bay pad for $13,000 per month. The 7th season of “Summer House” featured scenes shot at their housewarming party.

During a  2023 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” Hubbard explained why the two decided to rent the luxury apartment instead of buying a place together,

“So the market was so extraordinarily awful last year, and we wanted to move in [together]. …The market in New York has just been tough,” she said at the time. “If you break $13,000 apart, it’s $6,500 a person, which is really only $200 more than what I was paying at my last apartment. So it’s really not that crazy from my last apartment.”

Following the former couple’s split, Hubbard told Us Weekly why she continues to live in the apartment alone. “I love my apartment. I spent a lot of time, money, and effort to make this home comfortable for us, for him to then burn it down,” she said. “And at this point, I’m not in the mind space to think about, ‘”Oh, where am I gonna live now?'”

On the November 8 episode of “The Viall Files” podcast, Hubbard claimed she has no idea where Radke lives now. “I don’t know where he’s at. I don’t know where he stays,” she told host Nick Viall. “We’re at a point now where he’ll just text me if he needs to come to the apartment and get stuff … And I just answer [very matter of fact],” she explained.

“He pays rent. He’s on the contract,” she added. Hubbard also told Viall the lease ends in June 2024.

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