Madison LeCroy Responds to Criticism of ‘Crooked Lip’ & Mouth

Madison LeCroy

NBCUMV Madison LeCroy

Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy is clapping back at her haters. LeCroy made her Southern Charm debut on season 6 as cast member Austen Kroll’s girlfriend. After a season filled with their up-and-down romance, LeCroy joined Southern Charm season 7 as an official cast member.

Shortly after making her reality television debut, fans questioned her looks. Specifically, fans were wondering why LeCroy had a crooked lip. “Madison’s bottom lip looks crooked when she talks #SouthernCharm,” one user tweeted.

The 30-year-old Charleston hairstylist addressed the comments and stood up for herself. “Listen I want to announce this,” LeCroy said on her Instagram story in August 2019, per the Daily Dish. “Those of you who are asking about my crooked lip. I was born this way. No plastic surgery. No stroke or anything like that. So if you have something negative to say, keep it to yourself. Got it? Good.”

LeCroy also discussed her much talked about dimples. “Madison really forces that dimple..” a Twitter user wrote. LeCroy responded on the same Instagram story, “Alright, let’s go ahead and knock this out since I’m already on a rant. What is dimple sucking? If one more person says something about dimple sucking I’m gonna lose my mind. I don’t know how you can talk and suck at the same time, but there you go.”

LeCroy Has Continued to Stand Up for Herself

LeCroy celebrated a wedding in late 2020, and she showed off her looks. She posted a leggy photo, as seen above, of herself in a red dress on Instagram on Tuesday, December 29. LeCroy captioned the photo, “She blames me,” and tagged the Champagne brand Veuve Clicquot.

An Instagram user commented on the photo, “Attention fiend! I quit watching southern charm because of you an Austen [Kroll] won’t be real!” LeCroy wasn’t having the comment, and she replied back to the user, “hey F U.” LeCroy’s comment got over 480 likes.

The user replied back to LeCroy’s comment, “you’ve been real since day one! But he can’t figure it out! You’re to I good for him!” LeCroy liked the comment, seemingly forgiving the user.

LeCroy Isn’t the Only ‘Southern Charm’ Cast Member to Get Questioned for Her Looks

Fans have commented on many other Southern Charm cast members. Most recently, fans took notice of frequent friend Danni Baird’s eye. Her left eye appeared to be twitching and adjusting during a conversation she had with fellow cast member Kathryn Dennis. The conversation quickly turned south, and the two former best friends have yet to recover from it on the show.

Fans began to express their concern over Baird’s eye after the December 10 episode. “Danni Baird, girl what the hell was up with your eye ? Are you ok ? Like people are worried,” one user tweeted. Another wrote, “Danni’s left eye is going to twitch right off her face. She doesn’t deserve this.” A fan added that Baird reminds them of LeCroy, writing, “@BravoTV Honestly what is wrong with Danni’s left eye? Madison’s was also wonky.”

Baird has yet to address why her eye occasionally acts up.

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