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Madison LeCroy

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Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. LeCroy posted a leggy photo, as seen below, of herself in a red dress on Instagram on Tuesday, December 29. LeCroy captioned the photo, “She blames me,” and tagged the Champagne brand Veuve Clicquot.

An Instagram user commented on the photo, “Attention fiend! I quit watching southern charm because of you an Austen [Kroll] won’t be real!” LeCroy wasn’t having the comment, and she replied back to the user, “hey F U.” LeCroy’s comment got over 300 likes.

The user replied back to LeCroy’s comment, “you’ve been real since day one! But he can’t figure it out! You’re to I good for him!” LeCroy liked the comment, seemingly forgiving the user.

LeCroy’s Fans Had Her Back

LeCroy wasn’t the only one standing up for her. The 30-year-old Charleston hairstylist had a slew of fans defending her. One LeCroy fan replied back to the original user’s comment, “Even if you stopped watching her show, and let’s be real… it’s the Madison show now. You’re still here following her which is actually more personal.”

Another fan agreed, writing, “admit it, you stopped watching because Austen can’t outgrow his fratty stage & is still on his parents gravy train. We all wish they would get some real men on Southern Charm. Madison LeCroy I hope you find a man that is a good partner , a good role model for your son and fulfills your wish list!”

LeCroy began as an official cast member on the newest season of Southern Charm. She made her debut in season 6 as cast member Austen Kroll’s on-again-off-again girlfriend. Since starting as a cast member, she has become a fan favorite.

“YOU are smart, beautiful, and talented,” one user commented on LeCroy’s photo. “But most of all a good mom who puts her child first. There’s a limit to how much time people are wiling to waste. You just matured a be wanted different things…that’s life!”

A fellow fan echoed that sentiment writing, “A beautiful girl who takes care of herself, her son, her business.” Another follower added, “Love you on southern charm! They needed someone with your sass, beauty, brains and experience!”

LeCroy Isn’t a Stranger to Controversial Instagram Statements

Just like many other reality stars, LeCroy has had her fair share of social media disputes. Earlier in the Southern Charm season, Lecroy’s close friend and Southern Charm matriarch Patricia Altschul made a comment about how LeCroy can do better than her boyfriend at the time Kroll. “He’s [Kroll’s beer Kings Calling Brewing Co.] in three stores in Charleston,” she said. “This is not Budweiser. Madison deserves Budweiser.”

Since Altschul made those comments, Budweiser sent Altschul a package including a Budweiser cooler, apparel, koozies, dog toys, and more. Altschul showed off her goodies on Instagram and captioned the video, “Thank you Budweiser for these great gifts. ‘Everyone deserves Budweiser.’” Budweiser commented on her video, “Never settle for less than you deserve!”

Altschul wasn’t the only Southern Charmer to get a box of goodies. LeCroy posted a video to her Instagram story showing off the same goodies that Altschul got. In the video, she said, “When you become a Budweiser girl overnight.” Kroll screen-recorded LeCroy’s Instagram story video, and added the caption, “Interesting to see people who claim to love and support me, do anything for money. This just strengthens my resolve! Kings Calling is coming for King of Beers!”

Just a few hours later, LeCroy posted a text message screenshot appearing to be from Kroll on her Instagram story. The text messages show someone appearing to be Kroll texting her, “And said what? It’s just not nice. Orrr, f*** it, take the [money bag emoji].” LeCroy apparently responded, “About time,” and Kroll then asked if he could come over. She captioned the screenshot, “Truth is…Austen Kroll told ME to take the [money bag emoji]? But now you’re mad!?” LeCroy and Kroll deleted their Instagram stories before they expired.

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