Austen Kroll & Kristin Cavallari Spark Dating Rumors

Instagram Kristin Cavallari with two Southern Charm cast members.

There may be a love square brewing in Charleston. Southern Charm’s Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy have both seemingly moved on. Kroll and LeCroy dated for on-and-off for nearly three years, but LeCroy recently announced that the two are over for good.

Over the last few weeks, Kroll has been hanging out with reality star Kristin Cavallari. Kroll and Cavallari first started sparking dating rumors earlier this month over some flirty Instagram comments. Cavallari posted a bikini photo of herself poolside and Kroll commented, “See you next week! Keep breaking the internet in the meantime.”

One week later, Kroll and Cavallari hung out in Nashville along with fellow Southern Charm cast member Craig Conover and celebrity hairstylist Justin Anderson. Anderson went Instagram Live and the crew danced to Taylor Swift’s song “Mean.” At one point, Cavallari was dancing on Kroll’s shoulders, as seen below.

Kroll Has Dished About His Relationship With Cavallari

Cavallari was spotted in Charleston earlier this year in October. Anderson posted a photo of the same group of four and captioned the photo, “it’s the southern charm for me.”

Kroll explained the photo and their newfound friendship in late November. “She came to town with her friend Justin [Anderson] and the four of us [with Craig Conover] had dinner,” Kroll Us Weekly. “We’ve all been in contact ever since. We’re in this, like, big old group chat, and the group chat is active. We had a blast with them and I’m gonna take a trip to see them in Nashville sometime soon.”

LeCroy commented on Anderson’s photo, “Hate I couldn’t see you guys!” Fans also seemed to be excited over the reality world union. One fan commented, “A crossover? VerySouthern? CavaleriCharm?”

LeCroy Has Revealed Her Feelings About the Budding Romance

Kroll left his mysterious comment on Cavallari’s bikini photo, and the Instagram account Comments by Bravo captured the moment. LeCroy left a comment on the screenshot, “If he was actually dating her, I don’t think he would be sending me song lyrics at midnight…last night.”

LeCroy kept quiet on her feelings until recently. “She’s [Cavallari’s] a bombshell, like, I don’t you know,” LeCroy told ET on December 10. “I know that they are friends. I think he’s trying to get under my skin, which is fine. And, like, honestly? If he can pull her, go for it. Knock yourself out. I’d be shocked.”

The 31-year-old hairstylist added that she thinks him making their friendship so public was purposeful. “I just think it was just trying to get [a rise], get a comment out of me – and he did,” LeCroy told ET in regards to her comment on the Comments by Bravo page.

LeCroy also commented on Cavallari’s almost-ex-huband’s Jay Cutler’s photo. “See y’all soon,” she commented on one of his recent Instagram posts. LeCroy also tagged Shannon Ford, a once not-so-friendly-face of Cavallari’s.

“I don’t know Shannon in a sense of personal, like, we don’t hang out or anything like that,” LeCroy explained to ET. “Especially during this, but there was a point where I was calling to invite her to Austen’s party and things like that. So, we talked via Instagram and, you know, she’s an influencer and we would chat here and there, and I actually, I really do like her. I think I like her personality. I think she’s great. So, I don’t know. I wasn’t trying to start any drama or anything like that.”

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