Carl Radke Gets Emotional About Past: ‘Incredibly Ashamed’

Carl Radke

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In a first look at the second part of the “Summer House” season 7 reunion, Carl Radke and Kyle Cooke are seen having an emotional conversation about their friendship and reacting to Cooke’s comments in the season about Radke’s past addiction.

In the preview, Radke admitted, “I don’t really have a lot of words other than I showed up to work coked up and forgot my laptop. Out of my mouth, I wish I would have had the opportunity to say that, not you,” he said to Cooke. “But I am incredibly ashamed and embarrassed about my past… For my addiction to be brought up so publicly, it really hurt when you said that.”

Cooke replied to Radke that he “felt like the dirtiest guy in the world” after he said it. He shared with his cast mates that he hadn’t realized at first “the extent that [Radke] was struggling” but said he was ashamed that as Radke’s best friend, he’d done something like that.

“For me to just like, rip that Band-aid off again like a year later,” he said, as his wife Amanda Batula prompted him to give Radke a hug. “I’ve never felt more ashamed and more sorry,” he said, as the two men hugged on stage, both with tears in their eyes.

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Kyle Cooke Apologized to Lindsay Hubbard for Blaming Her for His Issues With Carl Radke

During the exchange between Radke and Cooke, Radke asked Cooke to not blame his now-fiancee Lindsay Hubbard for Radke’s behavior at Loverboy. “Please do not put it on her, please,” he said, explaining that he’d been coming home after work and venting to Hubbard, so she was giving him advice based on his comments.

Batula chimed in and explained to Cooke that she’d often done the same and vented to him about her work. Hubbard told her castmates that her advice to Radke had been to talk to Cooke and not blindside him by quitting out of nowhere.

With prompting from Batula, Cooke said he appreciated their comments and apologized, saying he knew Hubbard wasn’t to blame for Radke leaving Loverboy and the changes in their friendship. As the preview clip for the reunion circulated on social media, many fans praised Batula for helping to mediate that conversation and helping Cooke, Radke and Hubbard bridge the gap.

Carl Radke & Kyle Cooke Are Still Mending Their Friendship But It’s Moving in a Positive Direction

In May 2023, Radke shared that the two men are still working on rebuilding the friendship but that it was going well and they were in a good place. “I’m proud that we’ve moved forward a little bit but there’s still more to it for me and our relationship to move forward in a more positive way,” he revealed on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast.

Radke admitted that their friendship wouldn’t be the same way it was in season 1 of “Summer House” but it was natural because both are older now and in different places in their lives than they were then. Radke is now engaged to Hubbard while Cooke is married to Batula.

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