Rachel Leviss Criticizes James Kennedy as She Discusses Unhealthy Relationships

Rachel "Raquel" Leviss

Heavy/Getty Rachel "Raquel" Leviss

Rachel Leviss is not holding back on discussing her relationships with “Vanderpump Rules” stars James Kennedy and Tom Sandoval.

Despite not appearing in “Vanderpump Rules” season 11, Leviss, who now goes by her legal name Rachel instead of Raquel, has unpacked her reality TV experience on her podcast “Rachel Goes Rogue.” On February 8, she spoke about her five-year relationship with Kennedy, during which she got engaged, and her months-long affair with Sandoval which began sometime after her engagement ended.

“I fell in love with one narcissistic a******, and after that relationship ended after five years of being in that relationship, I fell into the hands of another narcissistic a******,” she shared. “I feel like I maybe missed out on some precious time learning these lessons the hard way.” Leviss discussed the tactic of “love bombing” and explained why she felt that both Kennedy and Sandoval were manipulative.

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Rachel Leviss Said Her Relationships With James Kennedy & Tom Sandoval Were About ‘Control’ & Were Unhealthy Relationships

The former beauty pageant contestant said what happened with both VPR stars was a “similar manipulation tactic” to love bombing. “At first, you just think this person is so in love with you, they adore you and they’re giving you all this attention,” she shared. However, she said the relationships then became more about “control” and getting her to the point of relying completely on her partner.

“Gradually, over time, it becomes a control tactic,” she added. “It’s almost like that phrase ‘a frog in boiling water’ where it won’t jump out of boiling water even though it’s going to kill them, because it’s so gradual.” She also said that she spent “far too long” remaining in “unhealthy relationships.”

In fact, Leviss also spoke about Sandoval’s comments during the second episode of season 11, in which he claimed he was “still very much in love” with her. According to Leviss, “Our connection was not love.”

Tom Sandoval Revealed in ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 11 That He Was ‘in Love’ With Rachel Leviss

During the second episode of VPR’s 11th season, Sandoval spoke about Leviss on a few occasions. At the time of filming, she was in a mental health treatment facility in Arizona.

The bartender said he was still in love with Leviss and had been trying to stay in contact with her. He also revealed at his birthday party in the episode that he had decided to quit drinking to support Leviss, who was not able to drink in the facility.

Meanwhile, Lala Kent reached out to Leviss to ask how she was doing and to offer to talk with her if she wanted. Kent admitted that she understood part of what Leviss was going through in feeling completely isolated from everyone as a result of a bad relationship. However, Leviss ultimately decided not to return to “Vanderpump Rules” to film season 11, a decision prompted at least in part by salary negotiations, executive producer Alex Baskin revealed to the Los Angeles Times.

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