Raquel Leviss Reacts to Ariana Madix’s Insults: ‘I Think That I Am a Miracle’

Raquel Leviss.

Heavy/Getty Raquel Leviss.

Vanderpump Rules” personality Raquel Leviss opened up about her time on the Bravo series in a three-part episode of former “Real Housewives of New York City” star Bethenny Frankel’s podcast, “Just B with Bethenny Frankel.” During the second part of the episode, released on August 17, Frankel noted that Leviss’ co-stars, specifically Ariana Madix, made negative comments toward her while filming the season 10 reunion special. As fans are aware, Leviss and Madix’s now ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, had an affair.

While recording the podcast episode, Frankel requested Leviss to react to a few of Madix’s season 10 reunion comments, including calling Leviss “subhuman,” “disgusting,” and “nothing.” Leviss shared she found Madix’s remarks upsetting and stated, “Nobody should ever be spoken to like that.”

“We’re all human, we’re just navigating through life, and we’re bound to make mistakes. I know that I am not lesser than or even greater than anybody else,” continued Leviss.

She suggested she dissociated when she received insults at the “Vanderpump Rules” season 10 reunion special. The 28-year-old also shared she believed “those words are filled with hate and are intended to put [her] down and make [her] feel like someone who is not worthy of love, who’s not worthy of acceptance, or living life.” She stated, however, that she “know[s] that [she is] worthy” and asserted that she is “a miracle” because of her adoption story. She explained that her biological mother is her adoptive mother’s sister. 

“This might be a little bit of a tangent but I’m adopted,” said Leviss. “And my mom couldn’t give birth, so her sister got pregnant with me and asked my mom if she wanted to have this baby. And so she gave birth to me and gave me to my adopted mom, and I think that I am a miracle to be able to live in this world, this planet we call earth. And I just can’t accept those words.”

Lisa Vanderpump Commented on Raquel Leviss Not Returning to ‘Vanderpump Rules’

During the third and final part of the “Just B” podcast episode, Leviss stated that she will no longer be a “Vanderpump Rules” cast member. “Vanderpump Rules” executive producer Lisa Vanderpump commented on the matter during a brief interview with TMZ in August 2023. Vanderpump suggested that Leviss’ management team informed production that she would like to continue starring in the Bravo franchise while she was staying at the Arizona facility, The Meadows. 

“Her team reached out but in the end, I think [Leviss] decided not to [return],” said the former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star. 

Vanderpump also asserted that the Bravo franchise will remain successful even without Leviss’ presence. 

“It was successful before her, before she wanted to join [in 2016] and wanted to hook up with [her ex-fiance] James [Kennedy],” said Vanderpump. 

Lala Kent Stated She Did Not Believe Raquel Leviss Was Suited for Reality Television in June 2023

After reports of Leviss and Sandoval’s affair began circulating in March 2023, “Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent vocally criticized the pair. The “Give Them Lala” author had choice words to say to Leviss and Sandoval at the season 10 reunion. However, in a June 2023 interview with TMZ, Kent suggested she regretted some of her comments to Leviss once she saw her emotional confessional interview, filmed after the season 10 reunion. 

“After watching last night when she finally had the breakdown, just as a human, it was like if this — because for me it’s like if this a reality TV, I feel like we’re all playing the same game, when I watched that I was like ‘Oh we may be dealing with someone who maybe shouldn’t be on this type of platform,’” said Kent. 

The mother of one also shared she believed Sandoval “ruined [Leviss’] entire life” in a June 2023 interview with E! News. She stated that she thinks the only way the 28-year-old can “come back from” the cheating scandal is “if she moved and changed her name again.” 

In the third part of the “Just B” podcast episode, Leviss revealed that Kent “has reached out to [her] on Instagram, saying that she’s willing to lend an ear.” Leviss suggested she was not receptive to Kent’s message and asserted that she “just [does not] trust that person.”