Derek Hough: ‘Strong Possibility’ Hayley Erbert Returns to Dance Tour

Hayley Erbert and Derek Hough

Heavy/Getty Derek Hough shares an update on Hayley Erbert.

“Dancing with the Stars” judge Derek Hough has been the biggest cheerleader for his wife, Hayley Erbert, ever since she was suddenly hospitalized in December 2023.

Erbert underwent emergency skull surgery after she felt unwell during one of her “Symphony of Dance” tour performances with Hough. She had a craniectomy after doctors found a cranial hematoma, and she later had cranioplasty surgery as well.

The couple has opened up about Erbert’s recovery and Hough has gushed over his wife’s strength. In a new interview, Hough addressed the possibility that Erbert might return to dance. That time may even come sooner than DWTS fans expect.

Here’s what you need to know:

Derek Hough Admits He’ll Be Very Emotional if Hayley Erbert Joins Him on Stage

On March 14, Hough talked with E! News. He revealed, “There’s a possibility, there really is,” that Erbert may return to tour with him. He described it as a “strong possibility.”

The “Dancing with the Stars” judge noted, “If there’s a moment where she’s with us and joining us on stage, it’s going to be unbelievably special.” Hough admitted, “I don’t even know how I’m going to [get] through it. I’m an emotional guy.”

Hough joked, “I almost need to rename the tour to the Miracle Tour or something.”

“Dancing with the Stars” fans were thrilled to hear Hough’s update on Erbert’s return to dance.

One fan commented on the E! News Instagram page, “I’m so happy to see this after what she went through & is still going through! I love them ❤ she’s so brave & blessed!”

Another fan tweeted, “It’s inspiring to hear about Hayley Erbert’s potential dance comeback after her skull surgery! Derek Hough’s support must mean the world to her. Wishing her a smooth recovery and a triumphant return to the dance floor!”

“We are grateful for a successful surgery,” someone else added.

Hough & Erbert’s Tour Will Have a Whole New Meaning If She Returns

Hough shared, “We actually met dancing on stage on tour. Our first kiss was on stage on tour.” When their “Symphony of Dance” tour began, the “Dancing with the Stars” judge noted it was “For the first time as a married couple.”

“Now this, going back out, there’s a completely different meaning and tension,” Hough added.

The tour was immediately put on hold when Erbert was hospitalized in December. On February 14, Hough announced the tour would begin again.

The first date of the resumed tour takes place on April 14 in Melbourne, Florida. The tour is slated to continue until May 19.

As much as tour attendees are eager to see Erbert dance on stage again, Hough’s update prompted some worry among fans.

A fan admitted in a Facebook comment, “I am little worried that was a major surgery oh my make the surgeons approve it , or probably did I still think it’s too soon. ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏

“Good to hear! Thou sounds like a delicate recovery. Take it slow don’t rush,” an Instagram comment read.

“Nice but no spinning jumping and turns in the air still a delicate [recovery],” another Instagram supporter urged.