Fans Are More Worried About Hayley Erbert Following Cast Member’s Post

Hayley Erbert.

Getty Images Fans are worried about Hayley Erbert.

Fairly late at night on December 11, 2023, “Dancing With the Stars” co-host Alfonso Ribeiro shared a post about Hayley Erbert and Derek Hough.

“Please send your prayers to @hayley.erbert and @derekhough and family. They mean everything to me and our family. Put love in your heart and send it to them,” Ribeiro wrote on Instagram.

The prayer request comes days about Erbert was rushed into emergency surgery for a cranial hematoma. Although there has been some positive news since the procedure, there haven’t been any significant updates about Erbert in a couple of days.

Now, fans are more worried about Erbert, and many are wondering if she suffered a set back of some kind.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Say They’ve Been Praying for Hayley Erbert & Derek Hough

In an update shared on Instagram on December 8, 2023, Hough said this was an “incredibly unfathomable and life changing time.” He also said that his wife is on the “long road of recovery.” He’s been by his wife’s side through the whole ordeal.

Although he hasn’t shared anything since, many feel that Ribeiro’s post suggests that there’s been some kind of development following the initial positive news.

“Whats happening???? We have been praying!!” one person wrote.

“Been thinking of them since the news broke. Continuing to send good vibes. This post has me worried,” someone else said.

“Is there an update you are allowed to share? Hope nothing new has happened,” a third Instagram user asked.

“Praying! I’m kind of concerned how the post is worded…I hope she’s ok,” a fourth comment read.

“This post makes me nervous! They’ve been on my mind since I heard the news . Sending positive and healing energy,” another comment read.

Derek Hough Has Postponed the Remainder of the Symphony of Dance Tour

Hough and Erbert had nearly wrapped a performance when Erbert showcased symptoms. The two had been performing all over the country as part of the Symphony of Dance Tour. With several dates remaining in December 2023, Hough had no choice but to postpone the rest of the scheduled shows.

“We regret to inform you that Derek Hough: Symphony of Dance will be postponed,” reads a message on Hough’s official website. “Please keep your tickets to Derek Hough: Symphony of Dance, as they will be honored for the new date once scheduled,” the bulletin continues.

As of now, it’s unknown if or when the tour will be rescheduled or if Erbert will be able to participate.

Erbert’s cranial hematoma required a craniectomy, which is a surgery in which part of the skull is removed to remove the brain bleed. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the recovery can take years.

“Your recovery time after a craniectomy will depend on the cause and extent of the surgery. On average, your skull will heal in a month or two, but you may be in recovery for years,” the Cleveland Clinic says. “It’s common to need extended rehab and lifelong care after a craniectomy,” the site adds.

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