Kym Johnson Herjavec Asked a DWTS Contestant to be Godfather to Her Twins

Getty Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson Herjavec and their twins, Haven and Hudson

On a podcast episode, a “Dancing With the Stars” alum revealed that after his time on the show, he stayed very close friends with Kym Johnson Herjavec — so much so that he was in her wedding to Robert Herjavec and is godfather to their twins.

Here is what TV personality and “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” star Carson Kressley said about his friendship with Kym and Robert, plus what he thought about his time on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Carson Called ‘Dancing With the Stars’ a ‘Magical Place’

Carson competed on season 13 of “Dancing With the Stars,” finishing in eighth place with his partner, Anna Trebunskaya. On an episode of “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef,” the TV host said that he knew wasn’t that strong of a dancer, so he was there to have a good time — and he made so many good friends on the show.

“I loved the people that worked on the show. I loved the other celebrities. That part became very, very fun for me. It’s one of my fondest TV memories,” said Carson, adding, “I’m friends with a lot of those people. Kym Herjavec, I was in her wedding. I’m the godfather to her twins. So I have lifelong friends.”

He also reminded the fans that Kym met her husband, Robert Herjavec, on the show when they were partnered together on season 20 in the spring of 2015 — “It’s a pretty magical place,” said Carson, joking that now he has an “in” at “Shark Tank” to pitch his boot that “feels like a sneaker” to Robert and the other Sharks. The three recently reunited in New York City to take in a showing of “The Music Man” starring Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster.

Kym and Robert were married in 2016 and she retired from “Dancing With the Stars,” only appearing on one season after she met Robert and got married. In 2017, Kym and Robert welcomed their twins, a daughter named Haven and a son named Hudson.

“Welcome to the world, Hudson Robert Herjavec & Haven Mae Herjavec – it’s great out here!” wrote Robert on Twitter when he announced their birth. “May you always know love, peace, and grace in your lives. May your dreams have no bounds and your spirit be strong.”

Carson Also Thanked ‘Dancing With the Stars’ for Launching a Different Area of His Career

Even though “Dancing With the Stars” is one of his fondest TV memories, Carson said it was definitely has hard as it looks on TV.

“It was really hard when I was doing it. And anybody who does ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ — it looks difficult on screen and they show you like practicing and messing up all week and the nerves,” said Carson, adding, “And when I did it, I think there was like, I think they had like 19 million viewers and like you’re standing on the stage and there’s like a spotlight on you and the guy goes, ‘Next up, dancing the cha cha cha, Carson Kressley and his partner Anna Trebunskaya,’ and you’re just like, ‘Oh my God, what am I doing?!'”

But he said that he embraced the fact that he wasn’t that good of a dancer and just let loose with the camp.

“I wasn’t very good. I’m not a talented dancer. I’m not good with like, I’m not good at math and there’s actually math and dancing. It’s like 1, 2, 3. I was like, wait, there’s numbers here!? No.” said Carson with a laugh. “Choreography was hard for me — but I loved the costumes … for me it was like, ‘I’m so terrible, I’m just going to have cute costumes and have a great time.’ And I did very campy things, which I loved, campy outfits and storylines and it was very creative, I thought.”

He is also very grateful for the other work that came from being on “Dancing With the Stars,” calling it a “cottage industry” for him, which means he kept working in-house for the show.

“It was a cottage industry for me because then I hosted the live [‘Dancing With the Stars’] show in Vegas for a little bit. They did a bunch of cruises. I’ve been to Alaska like 50 times. Thank you, ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ But it was really, it was a 100 percent positive experience, even though it was so hard,” said Carson.

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for season 31 in the fall of 2022 on Disney Plus.

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