Carson Kressley Hasn’t Spoken to Todrick Hall Since ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Carson Kressley

CBS Carson Kressley on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

When “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” alum Carson Kressley saw Todrick Hall enter the “Celebrity Big Brother” house, he was excited.

Carson and Todrick knew each other before appearing on the CBS reality show together. Both of them have appeared as judges on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” The two started out as alliances on “Celebrity Big Brother,” but Todrick soon turned on Carson and began working with UFC fighter Miesha Tate instead.

Although Todrick made repeated efforts to get Carson out of the game, the two stayed on good terms right up to Carson’s eviction. Once Carson was out of the house, he learned that Todrick had tricked him into turning on his ally, Shanna Moakler.

In a March 2 interview with, Carson revealed that he and Todrick have not spoken since the tense “Celebrity Big Brother” finale.

Carson Said of Todrick, ‘He Has My Number’

At the “Celebrity Big Brother” finale, the majority of the evicted houseguests were upset with Todrick for comments he had made about them in the house. Carson was one of the few people who went up to Todrick to say hello. Other houseguests, including Teddi Mellencamp and Shanna Moakler, kept their distance.

Although Carson told that he hasn’t spoken to Todrick since the finale, he’s certainly open to it.

“He (Todrick) has my number,” he told the outlet. “He’s more than welcome to call me at any point.” Carson added that he hopes Todrick will watch “Celebrity Big Brother” and reflect on how his words may have affected people.

“I hope he would watch the show and see how he came off and maybe understand that it was upsetting to other people. I am not upset…my only wish for him is that he would see the show and see maybe some of the things that upset people and try to make it right. That’s all, and you just move on. But, it’s not worth losing a friendship over. So, should he decide to reach out, I’m always here,” he said.

Todrick Has Not Spoken About ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Since the Finale

When Todrick reentered the real world after the “Celebrity Big Brother” finale, the hashtag #TodrickExposedParty was trending on Twitter. “Big Brother” fans were frustrated by Todrick’s personal attacks on other houseguests.

Todrick canceled all press interviews related to “Celebrity Big Brother” on finale night. He has yet to speak publicly about his time on the show. His Instagram posts since the finale have all been promoting his upcoming Femuline tour.

Fans couldn’t help but notice that Miesha Tate, Todrick’s ride or die on “Celebrity Big Brother,” isn’t following Todrick on Instagram. She’s following several other houseguests, including Carson Kressley and Cynthia Bailey, leading fans to believe that her and Todrick had a falling out.

Todd Bridges, who called Todrick and Miesha’s gameplay “nasty and mean” in our exit interview with him, tweeted that he had talked to Miesha after “Celebrity Big Brother” ended.

“Had a great conversation with misha Tate she is a very upright woman. I’m very happy she see’s the truth. 🥰🥰🥰,” he wrote on Twitter.

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