Hallmark Reveals If Jesse Metcalfe Returns in Chesapeake Shores’ Final Season

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Jesse Metcalfe’s character, Trace, was one of the cornerstones of “Chesapeake Shores” for many seasons. Chessies were shocked when he left the series, but Abby seems to have moved on. But is there any chance that Trace will make a return of some sort before the series ends? A showrunner revealed the character’s future in the Hallmark series.

The Series Showrunner Revealed if Trace Will Appear At Any Point

In an interview with TV Insider, the show’s executive producer Phoef Sutton revealed Trace’s future in the show’s final season.

“I don’t want to tease anybody,” Sutton shared. “We don’t see Trace again. He’s off discovering who he is and all that. And he’s not a part of the show anymore, so I wish him well.”

Sutton clarified that we won’t even hear anything about Trace before the show ends. When TV Insider asked if the cast will discuss what he’s doing as the series comes to a close, Sutton simply said: “Not really.”

Abby has moved on and is going to try dating Evan (played by Robert Buckley.) Sutton told TV Insider that they like Even with Abby since he’s “a totally different match for her than Trace.”

Before season 5 started, Ory made a post on social media that she quickly deleted, inferring that Abby and Trace had a toxic relationship.

Metcalfe Previously Said He’d Only Return to the Series if Trace & Abby Ended Up Together

It’s not surprising that Metcalfe’s not returning.

In an interview with The List in February, Metcalfe revealed that he would only return to “Chesapeake Shores” if he knew that Trace and Abby would ultimately end up together.

“I think that’s the scenario that makes the most sense,” he said at the time.

He also shared that he thought the show had trouble figuring out just what to do with Abby and Trace.

“I think maybe the new showrunner and maybe the producers behind that show were starting to find it challenging, figuring out really where they wanted to take these characters,” he told The List, referring to Abby and Trace. “Even though there was a strong outline from the books [and] a strong desire by the audience to see them ultimately end up together.”

Metcalfe had previously shared that it was his decision to leave the series, in part because he didn’t like the direction his story was going.

When he shared that he wasn’t returning to the show, one fan asked on Instagram: “Why are you leaving!?!???”

Metcalfe replied: “Wanted to leave on 🔝” 

And then he added a more telling explanation, writing: “…and I didn’t like the direction my storyline was going…”

One fan replied: “reading this comments makes me wonder were the characters ever going to end up together… 🤔 Or were you not interested in the storyline heading that way?”

Metcalfe replied: “I definitely wanted our characters to end up together! #trabby”

Hallmark publicly shared that the network is interested in working with Metcalfe on future projects.

The official Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Account said about Metcalfe’s future: “Jesse is a valued member of Crown Media Family; we look forward to continuing to work with him on projects, including original movies on Hallmark Channel, as well as his Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ Signature Mystery Series, Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries.”

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