Paul Campbell & Fans Exchange Hilarious Reactions to Hallmark Poll

Paul Campbell

Heavy/Hallmark Hallmark actor Paul Campbell

Screenwriter and popular Hallmark actor Paul Campbell is notorious for dropping funny comments and observations on Twitter, which is in the process of being rebranded as “X” by owner Elon Musk, per CNBC. On the social media platform, Campbell calls himself “Paul Campbell Blue Checkmark” just to amusingly acknowledge it’s his official account. His bio there reads, “Actor. Writer. Carpenter. Father. Banana. Kaleidoscope. Other words.”

The Canadian actor’s trademark dry sense of humor, on full display in his most recent Hallmark movie, “The Cases of Mystery Lane,” also comes out in his tweets about offbeat insights into his day, his peers’ new shows or films, or his attempts to lightheartedly address occasional negative remarks he sees people make about his projects.

So, it should probably be no surprise that when Campbell saw the results of a recent online poll conducted by Hallmark about his most popular movie, “Three Wise Men and a Baby,” it inspired a particularly funny exchange with fans about his biggest movie on the network.

Paul Campbell Questions Hallmark Poll Results

Three Wise Men & a Baby

HallmarkPaul Campbell holds the infant who appears in “Three Wise Men and a Baby”

During the 2022 holiday season, Campbell co-starred with fellow Hallmark regulars Tyler Hynes and Andrew Walker in the “Three Wise Men” movie, which he co-wrote with his writing partner, Kimberley Sustad, also a longtime actor on the network. The movie was not only a hit for Hallmark, but became the most-watched cable movie of 2022.

Inspired by 80s hit “Three Men and a Baby,” the Hallmark comedy centers around the three Brenner brothers, all childless bachelors, who are tasked with taking care of a baby for several days before Christmas. Walker plays hunky firefighter Luke, Hynes plays opinionated and suddenly out-of-a-job Taylor, and Campbell plays Stephan, a pet therapist with severe social anxiety.

On July 21, 2023, Campbell noticed a recent Twitter poll from Hallmark Channel that asked fans which of the three actors they would trust most to leave their own baby with. The clear winner was Walker, who’s raising two young boys with his wife Cassandra and received nearly 53 percent of the vote. Hynes, who doesn’t have any kids, received 26.7 percent. Campbell, who has a seven-year-old son with his wife Lorie, came in third with just 20.4 percent of the votes.

Campbell dryly responded to the results, “Wow. This poll did not go in my favour…”

Fellow screenwriter Nina Weinman Swift wrote, “Listen, your friends know what a great dad you are. (And also still voted for Andrew 🤪😂)”

Campbell replied, “Hahahaha. Andrew I get, he has actual children. I came in third behind ‘guy with motorcycle and small dog.'”

Matt Hamilton, who plays dim-witted neighbor Mark La Clark in the movie, got in on the Twitter discussion by simply writing, “I mean…” to which Campbell quipped, “Harsh, but fair.”

Many fans stood up for Campbell, telling them they did vote for him or would have if they’d seen the poll. One wrote, “I voted for you ‘cause when Thomas got the rash, Stephan took him to the hospital right away!”

Campbell responded, “Boom! Logic!!”

Some fans wrote funny responses of their own. One commented, “I don’t have a baby, but I’d trust you with my 15 y/o Dachshund.”

Another, who’d clearly seen the movie’s opening scene with Walker admiring his six-pack in the mirror, wrote, “Try the poll again with your shirt off.”

Paul Campbell Sticks Up for His Movies & Colleagues Online

Paul Campbell, Aimee Garcia

HallmarkAimee Garcia and Paul Campbell in “The Cases of Mystery Lane”

This isn’t the first time Campbell has chosen to stick up for himself or his movies on the app. In February — when Hallmark announced several upcoming movie releases starring him, Hynes, Sustad, Kristoffer Polaha and Brooks Darnell — the actor lightheartedly clapped back at a viewer who complained about the casting choices.

The person tweeted, “Same old same old. Same plots same actors. I’d love to see some of the other talented actors that have done movies before.”

Campbell retweeted the complaint and wrote, “So… you’re tired of the same actors, you want the OTHER same actors. Got it!”

Actor Paul Greene replied to Campbell’s tweet, “Your my favorite feisty Twitter troll destroyer. Your better than the OTHER SAME feisty Twitter troll destroyer. Breath of fresh air.”

It’s not all fun and games, though. On July 6, Campbell got serious with someone who posted since-deleted, negative responses to a tweet from Hallmark about its special re-airing of “Three Wise Men and a Baby,” which it tagged all three actors in.

“What a wildly unnecessary, wholly unsolicited comment,” Campbell wrote. “Sending hugs.”

When the person replied with another since-deleted tweet, Campbell responded, “I’d ask why it’s necessary. When you walk past a kid’s lemonade stand do feel compelled to tell them how much you dislike lemonade? Or do you just keep walking?”

He continued, “Twitter is essentially a collection of group chats. When I’m tagged in a post it means I’m part of that particular chat. If someone in that chat goes out of their way to shit on something I’ve created, you better believe I’m gonna call them out. Would you say it to my face?”

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