HGTV Stars Rally Around Bryan Baeumler After Major Life Milestone

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler

Heavy/HGTV/YouTube Bryan and Sarah Baeumler

HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler has a lot to celebrate. Not only did he and his wife Sarah Baeumler get to celebrate their accomplishments at the end of the fifth season of “Rock the Block” (and cheer on season winners Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis), but he also crossed a major milestone when he turned 50 years old on April 18.

Sarah wrote a tribute to her husband in the caption of her April 18 Instagram post, which featured selfies of the couple along with photos of Bryan with their children from throughout the years.

“This is a big one! Happy 50th Birthday to my partner-in-crime ❤️ I hope you look back on these past 50 years with pride in all you have accomplished. Most importantly, I hope you reflect on our children and how you have helped to shape them to be the young adults that we see today. Within each of them is your adventurous spirit, your generosity & loyalty, your kindness and unconditional love (luckily they got their hair line from their Mama!). Today you step into a new chapter in your life, and what I feel will be one of your most inspirational. We have some big dreams ahead of us, and together we will take this next leap. Happy birthday @bryanbaeumler – I love you ❤️,” Sarah wrote.

HGTV Stars Wish Bryan Baeumler a Happy Birthday

HGTV stars flooded Sarah’s comment section with birthday messages for Bryan.

“Whooooop! HBD Bryan !!! You guys are fun humans. You make it look easy to be all things to everyone… and I know it isn’t. Welcome to the new 30 Bryan. I have some brochures and golf slacks 👖 waiting for you. 😂 I heart you guys !!” “Rock the Block” host Ty Pennington shared.

Some of the Baeumler’s “Rock the Block” season 4 competitors chimed in as well, with Michel Smith Boyd writing, “Happy birthday Bryan!” and Mitch Glew adding, “Happy birthday mate.”

“Happy birthday, Bryan!! 👏 👏” Jenny Marrs from “Fixer to Fabulous” added.

More HGTV stars chimed into the comment section of Bryan’s own birthday post to himself, which featured a lone selfie of Bryan up in the air behind the controls of his plane.

“Happy happy birthday Bryan! Please under no circumstances start to get your shit together. That means I’ll have to think about getting mine together. And I’m just not ready for that yet,” Bryan and Sarah’s “Battle on the Beach” co-star Taniya Nayak wrote.

“Happy birthday Bryan ! You are the most amazing human… always love spending time with you!” Jonathan Knight, another “Rock the Block” season 4 contestant, added.

“You’re Benjamin Buttoning it Bryan! Happy birthday!” Property Brother Jonathan Scott commented.

Bryan’s “Renovation Resort Showdown” co-host Scott McGillivray also chimed in, adding, “Dude. Don’t be hard on yourself. You look good for 60! Happy birthday.”

Bryan Baeumler is Going on a Birthday Trip

Bryan shared another photo from the skies on April 19, confirming the destination for his birthday trip.

“On our way to the Big Easy @ 171 knots IAS. #NewOrleans #Centurion210 #50inNewOrleans,” Bryan captioned his post.

While the Baeumlers may just be relaxing during their time in New Orleans, HGTV fans will soon see more of the city as their “Rock the Block” season 5 competitors Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas are working on projects in the city for a planned five-episode “Bargain Block New Orleans” spinoff, set to premiere in late 2024.

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