Bryan & Sarah Baeumler Share Relationship Milestone

Sarah and Bryan Baeumler

HGTV / YouTube Sarah and Bryan Baeumler

HGTV stars Bryan and Sarah Baeumler have made a name for themselves across the network with appearances on shows including “Rock the Block”, “Battle on the Beach”, and their own “Renovation Island”.

While fans have gotten to know the Baeumlers as designers over the years, the couple gave an extra peek into their relationship when they shared social media posts to mark their 19-year wedding anniversary on September 3.

The two got away from all their responsibilities at work and home, with Sarah captioning her post, “A quick 48 hrs in the Bahamas – enjoying some time away and 19 years of adventures together ♥️ Soaking it all in today… Happy long weekend everyone xxsb”, while Bryan captioned his post, “19 years. ⛈️ 🌪️ 🤪 ☀️ 👨‍👧‍👦 👩‍👧‍👦 ♥️ #Exumas”

Bryan & Sarah Baeumler Met in High School

In a March 2022 interview with Streets of Toronto, Sarah gave an overview of her and Bryan’s lives and relationship, revealing how they met, adding details about their wedding day, and sharing why they had to make a last-minute location change for their honeymoon.

Sarah revealed that she and her husband originally met in high school. They “didn’t date back then, but we kept in touch over the next 10 years as we both completed high school, university and post-grad programs. In 2001, we were both copied on an email from a mutual friend, which was the catalyst for us to begin talking again, and we decided to reunite over coffee after work.”

Their first date, in September 2001, saw the couple going to see a production of “The Lion King” musical and getting dinner. Nearly three years later, the pair were married on September 3, 2004, in Toronto. While the wedding went smoothly, Sarah shared that they had some honeymoon trouble, saying, “Our honeymoon was in Vegas! Bryan had originally booked an oceanside beach house for us. However, we had to cancel on the day of our wedding due to a hurricane that hit the Florida coast. We ended up looking online and booking a last-minute Vegas vacation, which turned out to be a lot of fun.”

The Baeumlers Went Jet-Skiing for Their Anniversary

Sarah also added that one thing the couple bond over is a love for “a wide variety of water sports. When we are up at the cottage, we love to water-ski, wakeboard and tube. Down in Florida, we often take the boat out and do some fishing. […] We are both also certified scuba divers and love to travel to find the best scuba diving spots.”

The Baeumlers were able to spend quite a bit of time in the water on their anniversary trip to the Bahamas (which Bryan flew them to on the family’s small plane), as both of the couple’s posts included shots of them in the water, on a boat, and in an excluded beach alcove with a jetski parked on the edge of the water nearby.

Fans were thrilled to see the couple spending quality time together and celebrating another year of marriage and were quick to let them know in the comment sections of their posts.

“Happy Anniversary to you both. 19years flies by when you are having fun.” one fan wrote on Sarah’s post.

“❤️ 🙌 ❤️ love you both…hang on tight as you two do…then only one parachute is ever needed…I’m sending much love with ❤️ appreciation…no matter what…” another user added on Bryan’s post.

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