Christina Hall & Heather Rae El Moussa Stun Fans With Viral Video

Heather Rae El Moussa, Christina Hall

Heavy/Getty HGTV's Heather Rae El Moussa and Christina Hall

Exactly two years after making headlines for getting into a public spat at a kids’ soccer game, HGTV stars Christina Hall, 40, and Heather Rae El Moussa, 36, have not only mended fences but are making fun of themselves in a funny new video.

On May 14, 2024, fans and HGTV colleagues gave props to both women for teaming up to cleverly clap back at their critics in the video, which also features Tarek El Moussa — Christina’s former husband and Heather’s current husband.

Dressed identically — in black corset tops, ripped acid-washed jeans and black stilettos — with a braid on one side of their wavy blond hair, the unlikely duo pretended to be as ditzy as online trolls like to make them out to be, and play up the frequent claim from social media commenters that, with Heather, Tarek married a carbon copy of Christina.

Heather Rae El Moussa & Christina Hall Pretend They’re Ditsy Identical Twins in New Video

The surprise video was captioned with, “I guess you’re not the only ones confused…🤔” and began with Heather introducing herself as Christina, and Christina introducing herself as Heather — until the two look at each other, puzzled.

“Wait, no, that’s not right,” Heather says, turning away to think.

Twirling her blond hair and staring into the camera, Christina quips, “It must be all that bleach.”

The camera then zooms out to show Tarek sitting nearby. He looks up and says with a smirk, “Well, I guess it is confusing.”

Both Christina and Heather cheekily commented on the post with a twins emoji.

Christina and Tarek, who co-starred in HGTV’s wildly popular “Flip or Flop,” were married for seven years before their tumultuous split in December 2016. In his 2024 book, “Flip Your Life,” Tarek has written about substance abuse and mental health issues that caused him to spiral during their marriage, which finally ended after Christina called the cops, thinking he’d left home with a gun to cause self-harm. The two share son Brayden, 8, and daughter Taylor, 13.

Christina went on to marry car enthusiast and TV personality Ant Anstead, but they divorced after welcoming a son, Hudson. She later met and married former California police officer Josh Hall in early 2022, per TMZ. Together, they produce her two HGTV shows, “Christina on the Coast” and “Christina in the Country.”

Tarek, meanwhile, spent several months in a halfway house after his split from Christina, he revealed in the book, but after prioritizing his wellness, he met former “Selling Sunset” star Heather and they married in 2021 before welcoming their now one-year-old son Tristan. Tarek also has two HGTV shows, “Flipping 101” and his show with Heather, “The Flipping El Moussas.”

Though getting there was messy at times, their blended family is in a good place now, Tarek told Heavy in February 2024.

“Christina and I, we’re doing really well,” he said. “I would say our relationship is the strongest it’s been in seven years. We’re co-parenting great, she has a great relationship with Heather, so things are really good right now.”

Fans React to Viral Video & Hope There’s More to Come

Fans went wild over Christina, Heather and Tarek’s video, which marked the first time they’d all appeared together publicly since posting a photo with Taylor in May 2022, when tensions were still high. The new video had received nearly 10,000 comments within a few hours of the posting and many praised the trio for coming together and putting past differences aside.

One comment that received over six thousand likes said, “This is so healthy! On behalf of all of your children, I would like to say thank you!!!!!!!”

Another popular comment, with nearly four thousand likes, said, “To all the ‘i guess he has a type’ comments we see – great clap-back 😂”

Christina’s best friend and occasional show guest, Cassie Schienle, wrote, “What no one had on their bingo card for this lovely Tuesday 👏👏👏”

Christina’s sister, Carly Haack, quipped, “This is terrifying, and I love it. 😂”

Someone else added, “BRAVO!!! From all of us who have supported y’all and will continue to support y’all no matter what! Amazing ADULTS with KILLER STYLE and KILLER HEARTS! This is so applaud worthy. Blended at its best!”

Even “Bargain Block” star Keith Bynum called the video “hilarious.”

Some fans expressed hope that the joint video was just the beginning of more collaborations or even a new show in the future. When Heavy asked Tarek in February whether they’d consider filming a series as a blended family, he replied, “You know, crazier things have happened! You just never know.”

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