Erin Napier Shares Old College Photo of Husband Ben

Erin and Ben Napier

HGTV / YouTube Erin and Ben Napier

HGTV stars Ben and Erin Napier first met and fell in love in college. They’ve shared their story multiple times with friends and fans, on social media, and in their first book, “Make Something Good Today”.

In a December 4 Instagram post, Erin is looking back on their first meeting as the anniversary approaches. To mark the occasion, she shared a throwback photo of Ben from the couple’s college days and shared how the memory comes back to her each year.

“There is something deep in my brain that feels past rhythms without my thinking about it. At the end of July, I feel the urge to shop for school supplies. When May ends, I try to knock off work early to lay beside a swimming pool,” Erin began her caption, going on to add, “And when the first week of December comes, the part of me that will always be 19 feels the week Ben became mine.”

Erin & Ben Napier Have Known Each Other 19 Years

Erin added in her post’s caption, “It’s been 19 years, so I’ve now been with Ben for as long as I had been alive when we met. But I still have that urge to listen to the songs we listened to, go to those places we went again, the rituals of our meeting and the beginning of us that became a family. I didn’t actually know before December 7, 2004 but I wanted to so badly. It’s almost Love Week.”

“Love Week” is the name Ben and Erin have given to the week-long period after they first met, and when their courtship began. It begins on December 7 each year, and on December 6, 2023, Erin shared another post with a photo of a love letter Ben wrote for her about the upcoming celebration.

“December 6th, 2004 would be the last morning I woke up and spent a day without you. Unfocused, undriven, uncaring, and unkempt. I was not looking for you, but I am so happy that God gave me you! I can’t wait to spend another love week with you. I love you, Big,” Ben wrote in a letter to his wife.

The letter’s appearance on Erin’s Instagram is no surprise, as Ben writes his wife a love letter each morning on his typewriter. Ben spoke about the tradition to People in 2020, saying, “Erin is my dream girl. Why would I not continue to court her and win her over every day? That’s always my goal.”

Ben & Erin Napier Celebrated Their 15th Wedding Anniversary

Although Ben and Erin first met 19 years ago, they didn’t rush their relationship, as they just celebrated their 15-year wedding anniversary in November 2023. Since their wedding, the pair have had two daughters, Helen (5) and Mae (2).

According to Ben’s Instagram, the couple’s anniversary always ends up with them celebrating while decorating their Christmas tree, as the November 22 date usually falls right around Thanksgiving, and often at the beginning of the Christmas season. “Happy anniversary to the great love of my life. Thanks for doing this with me, @erinapier,” Ben captioned his post, which included a photo of this year’s tree and some from past anniversaries.

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