Keith Bynum Doubles Down on ‘Rock the Block’ Accusations

Keith Bynum

Heavy/HGTV/YouTube Keith Bynum shared a cryptic post the morning after the season 5 "Rock the Block" finale

Fans are in a frenzy over multiple indications from HGTV‘s Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, the stars of “Bargain Block,” that some real-life drama occurred behind the scenes on the fifth season of “Rock the Block.”

During the season finale — which aired on April 15, 2024 — Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis of “Unsellable Houses” were crowned the winners of the competition, which pits four pairs of HGTV designers and contractors against each other as they transform identical, newly constructed homes by completing weekly challenges.

Days before the finale, Thomas made headlines for an Instagram post in which he wrote that “the lead producers are professional liars and manipulators” and that he didn’t trust them “at all.” His viral post has since been deleted, but now Bynum has shared his own cryptic post about what went down on “Rock the Block.”

Keith Bynum Posts About ‘Things Done in the Dark’ Regarding ‘Rock the Block’

The day after the “Rock the Block” finale aired, Bynum posted a photo of himself with Thomas and wrote, “I woke up today knowing two things were true in my heart. First, I love @emuralit more than anything and no one can take that from me. The second is, things done in the dark eventually come to light. #ndasareforever🤫”

Bynum’s hashtag, #ndasareforever, refers to a non-disclosure agreement, or NDA. Also known as a confidentiality agreement, the contracts are commonly required for people who work behind the scenes on shows and movies. In recent years, there’s been growing pushback among unions in the news and entertainment industry on the use of NDAs, particularly in cases of harassment or discrimination, according to The Nation.

Throughout the airing of “Rock the Block,” viewers have cried foul on the results of each design challenge, with many “Bargain Block” fans upset that Thomas and Bynum’s only victory was actually the show’s first-ever tie, which they shared with Bryan and Sarah Baeumler.

Bynum and Thomas were irritated after the surprise bonus bedroom challenge during the sixth episode, which the couple turned into a luxe meditation space. Rather than having a celebrity judge, the four teams of judges toured each room and blindly voted on a winner — which wound up being the Baeumlers.

Fans were up in arms after that result, with one writing, “RIGGED AT THE GIG !!!! (You’re #1 always❤️)” and Bynum responded to the comment by writing, “love this lol.”

Another fan wrote, “Like are we sure the show isn’t rigged!” In response, Thomas wrote, “Makes you wonder huh? 🤔”

After their season 5 victory, Davis and Lamb acknowledged that their “power move” that likely won them the competition wasn’t technically a design feature, but the placement of solar panels that they negotiated for a steep discount to add immense value to their property. Though “Rock the Block” contestants are judged each week on their designs, what really matters in the end is which renovated house appraised for the highest value.

Fans Eager to Figure Out What Keith Bynum & Evan Thomas Alluded to in Their Posts

Bynum’s eyebrow-raising post on April 16 prompted a swift response from fans and friends.

HGTV’s Jenny Marrs played up Bynum’s list of two things he knew when he woke up that morning by writing, “And, third, I love you both. ❤️”

Davis did something similar an hour later, and both Thomas and Bynum liked her comment.

“OMG, I freaking love you,” she wrote. “You kill me. #3 on the list, my favorite neighbors on RTB and only reason we made it to the end!”

Lamb and Davis posted multiple times during filming “Rock the Block” that they felt fortunate to be there with Bynum and Thomas, having also competed with them on the show during season 3. In one Lamb posted in late February with a photo of her and Bynum, she wrote, “So happy that I had this season three bestie on the block with me the second time around 💗”

Intrigued by Bynum’s latest morning-after post, social media has blown up with requests from fans for he and Thomas to “spill the tea.”

In the comments of Bynum’s post, one wrote, “So when is this “tell all” on the wicked producers coming out?? Drama aside you and the other teams created beautiful homes. I mean really breathtaking stuff. No producer shenanigans can take that away!!”

Another commented, “We all want to know the truth , but if saying so in anyway hurts bargin block or your new New Orleans show 🤫🤐 I don’t want them to retaliate.”

On Reddit, there are hundreds of comments on a thread called “A Timeline of RTB Drama,” with fans trying to piece together what happened behind the scenes.

“‘Things done in the dark eventually come to light’ implies something may come out one way or another,” one wrote, hopeful for a real explanation.

In another Reddit thread, a fan posted a screenshot of Bynum’s post and titled it “I need the tea from Keith and Evan 😩.” The poster wrote, “Another super vague post! I see Keith said nda at the end, so the production company must have threatened him and Evan after Evan’s other post that he deleted. But this post makes me REALLY wonder what happened.”