‘Jersey Shore’ Star Gives Update On Snooki Return Rumors

Nicole Polizzi

Getty Nicole Polizzi arrives for the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on August 26, 2019.

Mike Sorrentino is opening up about the Snooki situation on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

After the original Jersey Shore queen quit the reality TV reboot in 2019 following the bridesmaids speech drama at Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding, fans never thought they would see her back. Now, The Situation offers at least a glimmer of hope that Nicole Polizzi could return to the franchise.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Sorrentino dished that Snooki is still a very big part of the cast’s private group chat and that he thinks that her former costars could be slowly convincing her to come back.

“We are in group chat with Nicole. We talk to her all the time and sometimes we feel like we’re getting through to her,” Sorrentino said. “Sometimes she’ll say in group chat that it’s happening, but actions speak louder than words. I guess we will see in the coming seasons! Jersey Shore is doing well, so I’m sure that we’ll have another season, but will she come back? I don’t know!”

The Situation Previously Revealed That the Cast Has Always Remained Hopeful That Snooki Would Return to ‘Jersey Shore’

When promoting the fourth season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation last fall, Sorrentino told E! News’ Daily Pop that he was “hopeful” that Snooki would reconsider her decision to quit the show that made her famous.

“We’re still leaving the door open for her return,” he said at the time. “She’s a legend and I’m going to remain positive. I think maybe in the next year, we might see her come back in some capacity.”

He added that he was “being hopeful,” by saying that.

“But at the same time…we’ve known each other for over 10 years, almost 150 episodes of TV, and the dynamic is, to be honest, magic,” he said.

‘Jersey Shore’ Star Pauly D Previously That Snooki Has a Major Fear of Missing Out

Snooki’s need to be in the know could be what eventually brings her back to Jersey Shore.

“She has, like, super FOMO,” Pauly D told Us in early January. “She’s in the loop on everything. So, to me, it feels like she didn’t quit. She’s there. I just hope that she comes back, and I think she will. I don’t know. We’ll see. I think she will.”

In December 2019,  Snooki announced on her It’s Happening With Snooki & Joey podcast that she was leaving Jersey Shore. She explained that the partying lifestyle was not her life anymore and that she hated being away from her three kids, Lorenzo, 8, Giovanna, 6, and Angelo, 19 months, according to People.

The Snooki Shop owner added that her oldest son begged her not to go work and that it gave him anxiety when she left the house for long periods of time.

But even with her good reasons for leaving the show, Snooki told People that she planned to return to reality TV at some point –although she downplayed the chance of a return to Jersey Shore.

“I’m definitely not done with TV,” the mom of three said last May. “I’m just done with [Jersey Shore]. I want to do something that’s fun and entertaining. I’m actually in talks about doing other shows right now, maybe hosting some things.”

While she admitted that she misses filming with her friends and working with the production crew, she was quick to add, “But do I regret my decision? Hell no.”

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