‘Jersey Shore’ Star Sparks Marriage Buzz

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cast photo

MTV Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cast photo

Jersey Shore star Pauly D and his girlfriend Nikki Hall made their adorable debut in front of his MTV “roommates,” and now fans are wondering if they will take things to the next level.

On the most recent episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, the 40-year-old DJ awaited the arrival of his Double Shot at Love girlfriend at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa, the luxury hotel that the group was staying at.

“Tonight is all about making history right now,”  Pauly said confessional. “Nikki is here. She’s the full package. As a couple, it’s probably the most fun I’ve had in years.”

While their relationship is just being shown on the MTV reality show, Pauly has been with his new flame for more than a year.

Will marriage be the next step? Pauly’s co-stars and fans weigh in after Nikki’s first official meet-up with the cast.

Pauly’s Roommates Think Nikki is ‘The One’ For Him

While she already knew Vinny Guadagnino from Pauly and Vinny’s MTV dating show, Nikki found a way to impress Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and the rest of the gang by showing up at the resort with a big box of donuts on the most recent episode of Family Vacation.

“Nikki really understands us,” Mike said. “She’s actually walking in with a gift of food right now.”

She also fit right in as the group dinner turned into a “couple’s retreat” with talk about recipes, shopping on Amazon, and more, much to the dismay of single guys Vinny and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

“I thought Nikki was a natural,” Mike later said, according to People. “She did great. You could just tell the way that she is with Pauly — like, this is the one, probably. Quite possibly, Nikki and Pauly could be the next Jersey Shore family wedding.”

Mike’s wife Lauren described the new couple as “adorable” and said she liked their “energy” together.

“Pauly is in his cute little date night shirt, it’s pink and they’re matching,” Lauren said.  “It’s cute. It’s like a made-to-be couple. They’re definitely in love,”

Mike added that it’s the “first time” he has seen that with Pauly.

Pauly Has Said That He Hopes Nikki Is ‘The One’ & Fans Agree

Pauly has already admitted that he has never spent so much time with anyone in his life as he has with Nikki. The couple decided to quarantine together when the COVID-19 pandemic hit last spring.

In an interview with In Touch Weekly, he also revealed that he has already introduced his 7-year-old daughter, Amabella, to Nikki.

“It’s pretty crazy how my relationship has grown,” Pauly said. “This whole quarantine thing has been a blessing and a curse. It pulled tour away from me, but it brought me closer together with my relationship with Nikki.”

When asked where Nikki is “The One?” Pauly said he “hopes so,” adding then added that they are still “taking it slow.”

But fans want to fast forward right to a  family wedding.

In comments to MTV’s promo for the show shared on Instagram, thrilled fans are already calling Nikki Pauly’s “wifey”– and meaning it.

“Nikki is definitely the full package! Love these two together,” one fan wrote.

“I hope they get married one day,” another added.

“I mean deep down we all wanted to be [Pauly D’s] wifey but in reality, I’m so happy he found someone to keep that smile on his face….” another fan wrote.

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