Kayla B: King Von’s Sister Identifies Autopsy Photo Leaker

freddyie curry Kayla B, King Von's Sister

Instagram/Kayla B Kayla B and her brother pictured together in February 2020.

Kayla B, King Von’s sister, accused an employee of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s mortuary of leaking a photo of her brother’s autopsy.

King Von, whose real name was Dayvon Daquan Bennett, was shot outside of an Atlanta nightclub at 3:20 a.m. on November 6. Investigators believe that the shooting was the result of an argument between two groups of men. The shooting involved police officers. King Von was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. He was 26 years old.

Kayla B made the Instagram post on the morning of November 12. The True Boutique owner said in the post:

This sick mfer that posted my brother pictures!!! He work at the airport mortuary. His whole job know he did the s*** but they trna protect him!!! We need him fired now!!!!

Kayla B Did Not Say How She Identified the Leaker

kayla b king von

Instagram/Kayla BKayla B pictured on her Instagram page.

Heavy has reached out to Kayla B and to the man mentioned in her Instagram post for further comment on the allegations. Kayla B did not say in her post how she identified Curry. Among those who commented on the post was King Von’s cousin, professional basketball player Jerome Randle, who said, “Goofy a**.” The man named by Kayla B refers to himself as “Your fav funeral professional” on his Instagram page. The man has not updated that page since 2019. At the time of writing, his Facebook page has been removed.

Among those outraged by the leaking of King Von’s autopsy photos was Love & Hip Hop star Masika Kalysha. Kalysha tweeted about the leak saying, “What an evil sick fk u have to be to take autopsy photos of a deceased man…then to actually post them…that man got a family! How disrespectful. Smfh I hope they throw yo a** in jail and lock away the key. Smh I’m so sick of people.”

On the Same Day as Kayla B’s Allegations, Asia Doll Confirmed She Was Not in a Relationship With King Von at the Time of His Death

asia Doll king von

Instagram/Asia Doll

Asia Doll, the woman rumored to have been dating King Von at the time of his death, took to Instagram on the same day as Kayla B to clarify their relationship status. Asia Doll said that the pair were not together at the end of his life but that king Von was her “first love.” She added, “What we shared between us nobody can speak on but us.” Asia Doll also said that King Von always wanted what was best for her and that her heart remains “heavy” following the rapper’s death.

Timothy Leeks Is in Police Custody in Relation to King Von’s Death

The Atlanta Police Department told Heavy in a statement that King Von was not shot by a police officer, although officers did fire shots at the scene. The statement said that King Von was not at the scene when officers arrived. The rapper was taken to the hospital where he died via private vehicle.

On November 7, a man named Timothy Leeks, 22, was arrested in relation to King Von’s murder. Numerous blogs have named Leeks as an associate of rapper Quando Rondo, whose real name is Tyquian Terrel Bowman 21, of Savannah, Georgia. ABC News reports that Lees was also wounded during the incident.

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