The Challenge Star Says They Competed Sober for the 1st Time Ever

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The Challenge: All Stars is now well underway and one of the OG reality TV stars on the show just revealed that it’s the first show they did sober. Arissa Hill, whose original season was The Real World: Las Vegas‘ 2002 season, wrote on Twitter, “This is the first show I ever did sober btw.”

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first episode of The Challenge: All Stars, which aired on April 1.

Arissa went on to clarify, “I DID NOT drink any alcohol while in quarantine, or in the house. Zero. Not a drop. I drank water and a blueberry/apple juice mix in a ginormous wine glass.” In a second tweet, Arissa said, “I wasn’t about to add the additional struggle of a hangover to my plight, and my body was in no condition to be poisoned further with booze.” However, the OG star didn’t reveal what condition she was referring to.

Arissa, 41, only appeared on one season of The Challenge before All Stars, which was Battle of the Sexes 2, but the Real World star made it to the final. She is now working in Los Angeles as a chef who runs a business called High From the Hill where she cooks with cannabis and runs classes and events on cooking with hemp and cannabis.

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Cast Members Revealed They ‘Almost Died’ During the 1st Daily Challenge of ‘All Stars’

From the first episode of the All Stars season, it was clear that the show wasn’t going to be an easy reunion with a series of backyard games. After the first episode dropped on Paramount Plus, one of its stars, Derrick Kosinski, said the daily challenge in the first episode was the hardest of any of the ones he’d done in his 10 seasons on the show.

The three-time champion said, “People were going in the water and coming right back out and going into the ambulance cause the water was so cold… or go there and stay in the water as long as they can until they almost drown.” Derrick explained, “We almost died, like there was multiple people that almost died.”

Arissa also appeared to struggle during the first challenge but Derrick and his costars told Aftermath host Devyn Simone that the contestants weren’t struggling because they’re OGs and haven’t competed in a while, since two of the regular show’s cast, Aneesa Ferreira and Darrell Taylor, were also struggling.

Ace Amerson Told Arissa He Broke a Rib During His Elimination Matchup Against Laterrian Wallace

Another indication that the All Stars season is just as intense in competition as the regular Challenge shows came in the elimination of the first episode when Laterrian Wallace brutally eliminated Ace Amerson in Pole Wrestle.

After the episode was released, Ace shared his thoughts about the show on Instagram and Arissa replied, “You are so gifted, raw, & special. And I am so happy people have been able to catch even a glimpse of your energy through this experience.”

Ace responded to Arissa and revealed that he’d broken two ribs while on the show. He said, “I love you sooooooooooo much! You have no idea! Thank you for everything. It was worth breaking two ribs just to see you again thank you for being such a great friend when I needed a friend the most.”

New episodes of The Challenge: All Stars drop on Paramount Plus every Thursday.

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