TJ Lavin Spills Details About Cast & Timing of Upcoming ‘Challenge’

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A new promo video for the upcoming spinoff “The Challenge: USA” was released recently and perceptive viewers were quick to notice a couple of things that TJ Lavin said about the global championship that is supposed to take place afterward.

In the promo video, there is a line in text that says “The first ever global Challenge tournament starts on CBS.” The trailer begins with several clips from “The Challenge: USA” as TJ says in a voice-over that the 28 competitors assembled are the best from CBS reality shows. He then adds:

Only the best will advance to face Challenge winners and vets from around the world in ‘The Challenge: World Championship’ streaming later this year.

While TJ is speaking, there are clips of CT Tamburello, Kam Williams, Kyle Christie and Laurel Stucky. CT has won five “Challenges” to date and Laurel has won one, although she made it to four other finals and has a strong elimination record of 9 wins and 2 losses. Kam and Kyle have each made it to three finals but have yet to win. Here is the promo video:

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The Global Championship Will Take Place After 4 Other Country Spinoffs Have Crowned Their Winners

There hasn’t been a lot of information released about the format of the global championship at this point. The series was first announced back in February 2022, in a press release that revealed there would be four separate seasons of “The Challenge” leading up to the global championship.

“The Challenge: USA,” “The Challenge: Argentina,” “The Challenge: Australia,” and “The Challenge: UK” will all be airing on their respective networks and the press release added that “Winners… will advance to the global tournament, ‘The Challenge: War of the Worlds,’ and battle for the first-ever title as the ‘Challenge’ World Champion.”

Earlier in June, CBS announced that the USA version of “The Challenge” will be premiering on July 6 and will see 28 stars from “Love Island,” “Survivor,” “Big Brother” and “The Amazing Race” battle it out for their spot in the global championship. The global competition will air on Paramount+.

Fans Reacted With Excitement to Know That ‘Challenge’ Stars From MTV Backgrounds Will Be Competing in the Global Championship

Fans were very excited by the news that MTV cast members will be able to compete in the global championship and took to Reddit to share their speculations. “Iiiiiiiiinteresting. Looks like they showed (old) clips of CT, Kam, Kyle, and Laurel,” one person wrote, “but I’m not reading into that too much. I wonder how they’ll approach casting from the MTV Challenge and whether we’d get actual champs.”

Someone wrote, “Very interesting. I wasn’t exactly sure how they were going to format the World championship with only the 8 winners from the spin-off shows so having vets from the regular show would make a lot of sense. I just hope the majority of the vets are champs so it could be like an all-winners season.”

Someone commented that they thought the finalists from all four shows would be competing but the latest news had them “confused.” One person said, “I like the idea of it turning into a global tournament.” One person wrote, “Feel like it’s set up for the winners of 38 to join in pretty easily.”

A few people pointed out that the timing mentioned in the promo didn’t seem realistic. “TJ says they’ll advance to the ‘Challenge World Champions streaming later this year,'” one person wrote. “USA is filmed, and airs July 6th… When are they filming [the other spinoffs] if the final is this year? And when will they air? That must be an error. There’s no time!” Someone else said, “Later this year?? Have the other international seasons even started filming yet? It seems the earliest this ‘world champion’ season could happen/air would be 2023.”

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