Fans Call Out Sutton Stracke For Low Blow to Kyle Richards on RHOBH

Sutton Stracke

Bravo Sutton Stracke.

Sutton Stracke is being called out for her behavior on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

In the season 13 episode “Dazed and Accused,” the Sutton boutique founder went off during a THC dining party at Kyle Richards’ house. Stracke grilled Richards about her marriage to Mauricio Umansky.  She later whipped out a joint at the dinner table and began smoking it.

The Instagram fan account @Facereality16 posted a side-by-side of Stracke smoking next to a pic of Allison DuBois, the psychic who critiqued Richards’ marriage while puffing on an electric cigarette during the cast’s first “Dinner Party From Hell” back in 2010. “Same energy,” came the caption.

Fans also reacted, and while some felt Richards had it coming, many others felt Stracke was trying too hard to hold onto her RHOBH diamond.

Sutton Stracke Was Criticized for Going Too Hard on Kyle Richards

In the “Dazed and Accused” episode, Stracke questioned Richards about her marriage and the fact that she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. As they began to argue, Stracke noted that she used to feel like a “sister” to Richards and her siblings Kathy Hilton and Kim Richards.

“You’ve already lost two sisters. Do you want to lose a third?” Stracke threatened to Richards, in reference to her past issues with her siblings.

That low blow caused Richards to tell Stracke to “go f***” herself.

On “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Aftershow” on December 6, Richards said, “This Sutton is a mean person. For her to say something like that when she knows how painful that’s been for me. Why would you say something like that about someone’s family?”

Richards added that it was “disappointing.” Fans also had a big reaction.

“Sutton is just plain evil. Like everyone knows that Kyle and Kathy are on the outs. …BUT how is it Sutton business? Like she is just a mean insecure old woman,” one viewer wrote on the X app.

“Ummm…I don’t think she lost any sisters. Sutton is just mean,” another agreed. “They are all in a good place. Sutton is a mean girl.”

“Getting Teddi [Mellencamp] vibes from you this season. Trying too hard to be bad,” another wrote to Stracke.

Stracke explained her stance on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Aftershow” on December 6. “I was angrier than I’ve been in a long time,” she said, adding that her anger came after Richards insinuated that she has a drinking problem and an eating disorder.

“I felt really bad afterward,” Stracke continued. “Because I knew that was the lowest place to go. I went there and I can’t believe I did it.”

Erika Jayne Said Sutton Has Always Been Mean

Stracke’s mean girl moment aired nearly a year after former co-star Lisa Rinna claimed she needed to step it up on the show. Speaking with Interview magazine in January 2023, the Rinna Beauty founder hinted there would be some big shoes to fill with her exit from the Bravo reality show at the end of season 12.

“I think Sutton and Garcelle [Beauvais] are going to have a tough time, because they’re going to have to show up and work,” Rinna said. “I did a lot of work. Because I’m a worker bee and I’ll just do it. I’ll say it. I don’t have any fear. If you’re so liked, you’re not going to want to do the work. So who’s going to do the work over there? That’s my question. Who’s doing the work?”

But co-star Erika Jayne thinks Stracke did the work before season 13. On “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Aftershow,” Jayne responded after Richards stated of Stracke, “I didn’t know that side of her before. Now I’m like was that always there?”

“Yes, it was,” Jayne replied. The “Pretty Mess” singer noted that she felt this same way when Stracke was “very persistent” about asking questions about her divorce from Tom Girardi.

“I’ve seen this side, and I think she enjoys it,” Jayne said of Stracke.

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