Kyle Richards’ Sister Downplays Chances of Her Reconciling With Mauricio Umansky

Kyle Richards Mauricio Umansky

Heavy/Getty Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky.

Kathy Hilton broke her silence on her sister Kyle Richards split from her husband  Mauricio Umansky. “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star has been married to the real estate broker for 27 years, but in July 2023 they confirmed they’ve separated.

During a November 27, 2023 appearance on “Today With Hoda and Jenna,” Hilton spoke publicly about her sister’s separation for the first time—and she did not sound hopeful that the longtime couple will be able to work things out.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kathy Hilton Said Her Heart Broke When She Heard About Her Sister’s Separation


#Kathy Hilton weighs in on her sister and #RHOBH star KyleRichards’ recent separation from her husband MauricioUmansky. Though Umansky said he and his wife had separated in October, the pair celebrated Thanksgiving together on Nov. 23. #HodaAndJenna

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While speaking on “Today with Hoda and Jenna,” Hilton admitted she was saddened when she first heard reports of her sister’s split.

“When I first saw it, I was just like it just broke my heart,” Hilton said. “I just think that, unfortunately,  I just want Kyle,  believe it or not is the youngest but she’s the strongest. She’s bossiest. So she’s very strong, she’s resilient. And I love my nieces,” Hilton added of Richards’ four daughters as she began to tear up.

“I just want her to be happy,” Hilton said of her younger sister.

When asked if she thinks Richards and Umansky will get back together. Hilton said, “Honestly? You’re asking me?”

“There’s no way that Kyle would have one this far unless she really thought about it,” Hilton replied.

After her daughter, Paris Hilton, chimed in to say of her Aunt Kyle,  “She’s looking hotter than ever though,” Kathy Hilton added, “And then the dating will start.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Kathy Hilton told Today her sister is “opinionated.”  “She’s a Capricorn…When she makes a decision … she didn’t just pull that out of a hat.”

“She’s a wonderful mother. Wonderful wife,” Hilton continued “She’s going to do the right thing. They care about each other. Their children are very important to them. It is what it is … but try to make it nice.”

Mauricio Umansky Said He Will Let Fans Know About His Marriage Once He Knows What’s Going On

Umansky and Richards had not planned to go public with their separation, as they still live together in their Encino, California home. But a source close to the couple leaked the story to People magazine in July. In September 2023, Umansky told TMZ that whoever spread the story to People should be fired.

“If it’s somebody in our camp that works for us, they deserve to get fired,” he said. “If it’s a friend of mine, they are no longer my friend. That was something personal that was sold… somebody that was clearly inside our life that shared that.”

At the time, Umansky said divorce was not on the table and that he and his wife were navigating a separation and nothing more.

Months later, the two have maintained an amicable separation after moving into separate bedrooms. Richards opened up about the unconventional living situation during an Amazon Live on November 16, 2023. “We don’t fight, so it’s working right now, that’s all I can say,” she told fans. “We live under the same roof. But our schedules are so crazy. … We don’t fight so it works for our family for now.”

That same day, Umansky appeared on the “Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast,” where he lashed out at those speculating on what’s going on with his marriage. “When I know what I’m doing with my marriage, I will let you guys all know,” he said. “Until then, everybody can take a hike and f***off, pardon my language.”

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