Lisa Vanderpump Reveals What She Heard About Dorit & PK Kemsley’s Separation

Lisa Vanderpump

Heavy/NBCUniversal Lisa Vanderpump.

Lisa Vanderpump reacted to the news that Dorit and PK Kemsley have separated after 9 years of marriage.

In May 2024, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” couple released a joint statement in which they revealed plans to “take some time apart and reevaluate our relationship while we prioritize our children.“

Vanderpump has been on the outs with the Kemsleys ever since they accused her of leaking the infamous “Puppygate” story to the press more than five years ago.  But the restaurateur still runs in the same social circles as PK. During a May 14 TV appearance, Vanderpump admitted she wasn’t surprised by the split at all, given some inside information she received.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lisa Vanderpump Heard Rumblings About The Kemsleys’ Marriage for a While

PK and Dorit Kemsley

PeacockPK and Dorit Kemsley.

During the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 13 reunion, Dorit Kemsley briefly shared that she and her husband were having issues. She admitted that PK stayed in a hotel for two weeks when their friend Boy George was in town.

When Vanderpump was a guest on the May 14 episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” she was asked for her reaction to the news that Dorit and PK Kemsley have separated. Vanderpump was also asked if she had been in touch with either of them.

“Can I plead the fifth?” Vanderpump first replied, before admitting she was not surprised by the split at all.

“I wasn’t,” she said. “I haven’t watched the show, contrary to what many of the cast members say. But I do have a mutual friend, well I have a few mutual friends actually with PK, and I kind of heard from the hotel that he was staying in for many months that they’d been separated for quite a long time, on and off, backwards and forwards. So no, it didn’t surprise me. But as always, whatever my feelings are I think it’s sad when they’ve got children involved. And I hope they work it out, I really do.”

Vanderpump had a long friendship with PK Kemsley dating back to mutual social circles in London. But on her final season on RHOBH, she cut ties with him and his wife. The move came after the Kemsleys accused Vanderpump of leaking tabloid stories about returning their dog to a shelter.

According to People, in one episode, Vanderpump’s husband Ken Todd told Dorit, “You’re no friend of mine,” then added, “PK, I’d like to stay friends with you, but after that? No way.”

Vanderpump agreed the friendship had to be over. “The fact that Dorit has taken this stance has basically ended the whole bloody thing,” the “Vanderpump Rules” star said. “Let me just go on with my life. It’s easier talking to Congress than talking to that stupid cow.”

Kyle Richards Also Broke Her Silence on the Kemsley Separation News

Kyle Richards at the 2023 BravoCon.

NBCUniversalKyle Richards at BravoCon 2023.

Vanderpump isn’t the only RHOBH alum to react to the separation, and amid an estrangement from the Kemsleys, no less. On May 14,  Kyle Richards answered fan questions during an Amazon livestream. She was asked to comment on Dorit and PK’s separation. “I feel bad for them,” she said. “Obviously you know, going through that is difficult enough without everyone wanting to know all the details. So, I feel terribly for them.”

When asked about Kemsley’s on-camera behavior and lack of support when Richards was first having her own marital problems with Mauricio Umansky, Richards promised, ‘That will be addressed” on the upcoming season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

As for Vanderpump, the Puppygate fallout that ended her friendship with the Kemsleys also included a severed friendship with Richards. During her appearance on “Watch What Happens Live”, Vanderpump played a game called “Do You Regret It?” and was asked if she had any “remorse” over kicking Richards out of her house during an argument about the leaked tabloid article. “No,” Vanderpump replied, ‘Not only I don’t regret it,  I loved it!”