Mauricio Umansky Sets the Record Straight on His Living Situation With Kyle Richards & Family Feud

Mauricio Umansky

Peacock Mauricio Umansky.

Mauricio Umansky set the record straight about recent rumors regarding his personal and business life.

In a video interview posted by TMZ on March 18, 2024, The Agency founder gave an update on his living situation with his estranged wife Kyle Richards as well as a business beef he had with his brother-in-law Rick Hilton. Umansky and Richards have been separated since July 2023 but continue to live “under the same roof” in their Encino, California home.

Speaking with TMZ, Umansky confirmed that his separation from Richards will be a major storyline on the second season of his Netflix spinoff “Buying Beverly Hills,”  which premieres March 22.

“The reality is that when all of that happened and the kind of [separation] story dropped we were all together, we were all in Colorado we were all in Aspen we were filming ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ at the time,” he said. “The cameras were arriving the next day. Kyle was going to be departing, the cameras were arriving. And it, you know, it was real it’s as real as it can get. That’s reality TV and we decided just to be vulnerable and to be open and to allow it to happen on television.”

Umansky said he hopes fans can “learn” from the way his family handled the situation. “But it’s definitely going to play out on the show,” he added.

Fans saw the beginning moments of the split play out on Richards’ Bravo show, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” after an unidentified source leaked the couple’s separation news to People magazine last July.

Mauricio Umansky Said He’s ‘Not Quite’ Ready to Move Out

Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards

PeacockMauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards.

During the final part of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 13 reunion on March 13, Richards revealed that there had been conversations about Umansky moving out of their shared Encino home as they contemplate divorce. “It’s hard for us to say that word, I think, but if he’s looking for a place to move out, I haven’t really seen progress,” she said.

But Umansky told TMZ he hasn’t moved forward with a housing search quite yet.

“You know, it’s a conversation we’re having,” he said. “I’m not quite there in that process. We’re in the middle of that conversation. And  I think that, you know, once we figure that out I will definitely be happy to share what that looks like. But at this point, we’re still, I’m still not ready to share that.”

Mauricio Umansky Has Not Talked to the Hilton Family Following His Comments About Quitting Rick Hilton’s Real Estate Firm

Mauricio Umansky

NetflixMauricio Umansky

“Buying Beverly Hills” follows Umansky, his daughters Farrah, 35, Alexia, 27, and Sophia, 24, and other staffers at Umansky’s real estate brokerage firm, The Agency. But Umansky started his real estate career working for his brother-in-law, Rick Hilton, at Hilton & Hyland. In 2011, he left H&H to start The Agency.

He shared the story of his departure in  a sneak peek scene for “Buying Beverly Hills” in which he alleged that Hilton refused to promote him to partner. During the RHOBH season 13 reunion, Richards’ sister Kathy Hilton claimed that Umansky gave one-day’s notice that he was leaving Hilton & Hyland and “poached” a few agents on his way out. Richards clarified that Umansky had already built a team under him at Hilton & Hyland.

Umansky’s niece, Paris Hilton, blasted him for talking about her father on his show. “My father is a consummate gentleman and has always taken the higher road,” she commented on a clip of Umansky’s “Buying Beverly Hills” scene on Instagram. “He would never speak negatively about his family- especially in the press. Frankly we are all sick of him using the Hilton name every chance he gets to plug his lame show. It is enough already.”

Speaking with TMZ, Umansky admitted he has not spoken to Rick or Paris.  He also hopes to avoid a family feud.

“I’m sad that they’re angry, “Umansky said. “I mean at the end of the day I don’t feel like I said anything bad. I just told, you know, what happened in the story. At the end of the day, it was two businessmen making two business decisions. You know Rick made his business decision, I made my business decision. I’m trying to do the best for my family and take care of them and be as successful as possible. And I made a decision, and that decision came with risk. It could have failed and it could have been successful.”

“I just don’t think it’s that bad, so I’m sorry that they’re hurt. But I hope that goes away soon because family is family,” Umansky added. “Quite honestly, I have not spoken to them ever since Paris made that comment. I don’t have any hard feelings and certainly don’t feel like I said anything where they should have hard feelings. Hopefully it’ll just blow over. I didn’t mean any harm, it’s just a fact.”

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