Mackenzie McKee’s Private Texts to Cheyenne Floyd Exposed

Cheyenne Floyd Mackenzie McKee

MTV The private messages "Teen Mom OG" star Mackenzie McKee sent to Cheyenne Floyd were leaked.

Private messages between “Teen Mom OG” stars Mackenzie McKee and Cheyenne Floyd were seemingly leaked and posted to Reddit.

Fans maintained McKee was “not the victim” for involving Floyd after she called Vice President Kamala Harris a “colored” woman after she ascended to the role in January 2021. Others accused McKee of racism.

“Thank you for being so kind and sweet explaining to people why that word was offensive. You handled it with such class,” McKee wrote to Floyd after the “Teen Mom OG” reunion in April 2021.

“People should ask questions and do their own research to grow and learn, even if it means being uncomfortable and unlearning what we once knew. Most of us (POC) are never offended when someone asks, as long as it’s asked with genuine intention,” Floyd responded.

“Karen was genuine in her question and accepted the answer for what it was,” the mother-of-two continued. “She didn’t double down or try to argue. It was a simple exchange that shows how these conversations should go.”

“Yes. I wish more of us could have those healthy conversations. However, I could only imagine how exhausted you all are with the ignorance out there. If more of us (as in me) could be willing to listen, learn, and research,” McKee answered. “I believe we can head in the right direction.”

Most Fans on Reddit Sided With Floyd

Most of the responses to the exchange condemned McKee’s messages to Floyd.

“She had me in the first half I’m not gonna lie,” one fan wrote. “Then I saw that second slide and OOF.”

Some people wondered if MTV was going to fire McKee for her comments. The network released former “Teen Mom OG” star Taylor Selfridge from her contract after previous “racist” comments were unearthed.

“Being dumb as a doorknob does not excuse Mackenzie’s ignorance,” they said. “All she is doing by digging her heels in, is putting herself in a position where MTV is going to end up firing her. Mack is definitely the most expendable one on the sinking ship that is OG.”

Others accused McKee of purposely being naive and accused her of racism.

“She knows what she’s doing playing on the ignorant white girl stereotype, she knows she gets a pass and people in this sub willing to defend her after she was racist towards one of the children in the cast show she is doing it right,” they said. “And i betcha some users will spam this post calling other cast members racist to turn the situation around.”

McKee Was Left Out of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion

The latest reunion in October 2021 was the second time McKee’s comments about Harris were brought up.

MTV hasn’t revealed a reason why, but McKee claimed production had her film her segments along with while the rest of the “Teen Mom OG” cast — Floyd, Amber Portwood, Catelynn Baltierra and Maci Bookout — were all together. Photos posted by the cast showed Mckee wasn’t there.

McKee claimed she sent a private message to Floyd saying she again was sorry for the last time. Instead of responding, Floyd unfollowed her on Twitter.

“Everyone was asking why I wasn’t in the photos and I said I think it’s because Cheyenne hates me,” McKee said in a video about the October 2021 reunion. “I don’t know what the reason was but I know the schedule changed as soon as I said sorry to her. I’m confused, I’m lost and now Maci’s mad at me.”

After McKee claimed she was excluded from the reunion because Floyd “hated” her, Bookout defended her co-star.

“As far as I am concerned, you’re far too worried about how you’re portrayed to people than you are on how you treat people,” Bookout wrote in a now-deleted post, captured by fan page Teen Mom Chatter. “If you prefer, we can continue this conversation elsewhere. If not, I won’t take offense to you unfollowing me. Next time you want to say something that starts a conversation, please don’t delete it.”

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Gerri Killee
Gerri Killee
4 months ago

Mackenzie should just move on. Maci and Cheyenne will be out of a job soon enough. The ratings on that show are dead. In addition, Cheyenne and Maci did not do the intelligent thing and use some of their earnings to get an education. The gravy train is over girls, good luck

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