Jenelle Evans Shares Which ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Reached Out After Her Custody News

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Former “Teen Mom 2” cast member Jenelle Evans recently regained full custody of her 13-year-old son, Jace, after a long custody battle with her mother, Barbara. While Evans has been celebrating the legal victory, she noted that not many of her former “Teen Mom” co-stars have been celebrating with her.

“And to think the only one that congratulated me from the girls I used to work with [referring to the ‘Teen Mom’ cast] is Brittany [DeJesus]. So thanks Brittany, I appreciate it. But the rest of you are fake as f***,” Evans said in a March 21 Instagram story, which one “Teen Mom” fan shared to a Reddit discussion page.

Evans signed custody of Jace over to Barbara in 2010 when he was an infant, as she had been recently arrested with then-boyfriend Kieffer Delp. Brittany DeJesus is the sister of main cast member Briana DeJesus, who shared the “Teen Mom 2” screen with Evans during seasons eight and nine.

Briana DeJesus Indirectly Responded via Instagram Story

Many fans on Reddit were confused as to why Evans was calling her former co-stars “fake” for not reaching out after her custody win given the fact that they haven’t worked together on “Teen Mom” since Evans was let go from the show in 2019 after her husband David Eason shot and killed their family dog.

“lol Jenelle I thought you always said they never included you and y’all never got along? Soooo that means they’re not fake to not congratulate you lol,” one fan comment read.

Although Evans did not have close friendships with all of her co-stars, she and Briana DeJesus maintained a good relationship and even met up together after Evans’s time on the show had ended. Evans traveled to DeJesus’s home in Florida last May to celebrate DeJesus’s legal victory over fellow cast member Kailyn Lowry (who had sued DeJesus for defamation).

For her part, DeJesus did shout out her former castmate on social media shortly after Evans posted her video, with DeJesus sharing a screenshot of her TikTok app after searching “Jenelle and Barbara”, with fan comments in the screenshot reading “I’m so happy for you jenelle ❤️”, “Happy for you ❤️”, and “😭 😭 😭 🥺”.

Evans unfollowed DeJesus on social media in March 2021, and before too many viewers could speculate why she did this, Evans set the record straight, saying, “There’s no bad blood between me and [Briana] right now, but since she would post a lot filming with the crew, I just had to unfollow her because it would hurt my feelings and I didn’t want to see it anymore… Anything that’s related to Teen Mom that comes up on my explore page that’s about the girls, I hold my finger on it and I say not interested. I try to completely sweep that away from my memory.”

Jenelle Evans Brought to Tears After Reaching Custody Agreement


ITS OFFICIAL! Thanks everyone for the support! ✨❤️ Words cant descibe how happy i truly am. Our family is complete now! Thank you mom.

♬ Stay With Me – Sam Smith

Evans shared a March 19 TikTok of her signing the paperwork to make her full custody of Jace official, and after dotting her i’s and crossing her t’s, the former MTV star took a moment to cry tears of joy alone in her car. “Words cant descibe how happy i truly am. Our family is complete now! Thank you mom,” Evans wrote in the caption.

The next day, Evans shared two posts of her celebrating while out on a date night with Eason, writing, “When you’re a mom with no kids 😂” in the caption. Fans flooded both posts with positive messages for the star including, “congratulations on getting Jace back!”

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