‘Bachelorette’ Admits to ‘Crying Because I Was Scared’ Over Pregnancy

Baby bump

Heavy "The Bachelorette" star shared baby updates.

There is a baby on board for “Bachelor in Paradise” lovebirds Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs, and the couple expects to welcome their first child in the fall. After months of keeping the pregnancy news under wraps, the secret is out and they are sharing all sorts of tidbits about their journey to expanding their family. In a recent podcast episode, the former “Bachelorette” star opened up about the surprise of the pregnancy, what it means for the couple’s wedding plans, and plenty of other fabulous tidbits.

Here’s what you need to know:

Becca Kufrin Admits She’s Scared

Kufrin joined former “Bachelor” Ben Higgins for the May 10 episode of the “Almost Famous” podcast. Kufrin and Thomas have already debuted her sizable baby bump and shared their baby’s gender, and now she is filling in additional details on the wild journey they have been on with the pregnancy thus far. “The Bachelorette” star admitted this was not something they had planned to do right now. “Um, nooo… it was very unexpected,” she told Higgins. She added the couple had frequently been asked if they had been trying to get pregnant, and Kufrin admitted, “All I can say is we weren’t not trying. It just kinda happened.” The “Bachelor in Paradise” lovebirds had talked quite a bit about having children, and Jacobs had apparently joked he thought they would get pregnant as soon as they were ready to start trying. Kufrin wasn’t convinced, but it seems Jacobs was right. She also revealed that Jacobs eventually would love to have four kids.

The pregnancy may have come as a surprise, but Kufrin said they are very excited. They found out she was expecting in January, and Jacobs is “over the moon ecstatic” with “roses in his eyes” about what lies ahead. On the other hand, “The Bachelorette” star admitted, she is very nervous. She added that she tends to be very realistic, and she has been overwhelmed by how much things will change and how they do not have anything ready yet. “When we first found out, I definitely was the one who was crying because I was scared and he was crying cause he was so excited,” Kufrin recalled.

The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Stars Will Postpone Their Wedding

Now that Kufrin and Jacobs will be busy preparing for their first baby, they have had to make changes to their wedding plans. She explained that the baby is due in the middle of September, and the “Bachelor in Paradise” stars had planned their wedding for the beginning of October. Now, the couple has decided to push the wedding out about a year, into 2024, but they have not picked a firm date yet. They decided they want to get settled with their baby, find a routine, figure out “what the heck we’re doing,” and then get back to wedding planning. Kufrin revealed what they love best about going that route is that “Thomas says I’m gonna have a little best man to walk me down the aisle.”

Kufrin told Higgins she has always known Jacobs would be a good father. “He’s the first guy, really, in my life, that I was like, I could see you being a father for my children and being an equal partner.” The former “Bachelorette” also noted she expects Jacobs to be the “cool dad” while she will be the stricter parent of the two. The pair has a name picked out already, but they will not reveal it until the baby arrives. They are using a “code name” for the baby, Tony, but Kufrin has a hunch Jacobs will slip and reveal the chosen name on social media at some point.

“The Bachelor” fans have already been speculating about the baby’s name on Reddit. Some Redditors noted that Kufrin had previously detailed that the couple’s children would have Kufrin Jacobs as a last name. In addition, she has also said she would love to name a daughter “Stevie,” after her late father. Several posters wonder if they will name the baby Thomas Jr., although not everybody commenting loved that possibility. On the other hand, someone noted, “That would be so sweet since Thomas is his mother’s maiden name and I believe he’s said he was close with his maternal grandfather.”

The “Bachelor in Paradise” star admitted that as excited and grateful as she is about the pregnancy, she does not entirely enjoy actually being pregnant. Despite that, she recently started to feel the baby kick and shared, “It’s been the most weird but incredible feeling.”