‘Bachelor’ Lead Still Single at 42, Years After Handing Out Roses

Chris Soules Single

Heavy "The Bachelor" Chris Soules is still single.

A former lead from “The Bachelor” is still single and looking for love. Chris Soules seemed to find love during season 19, which aired in 2015. Unfortunately, his engagement to his final rose recipient, Whitney Bischoff, ended just a few months after the finale aired.

Soules stays out of the limelight these days, for the most part. He has remained based in Iowa, where he has always lived, since doing “The Bachelor” and “Dancing with the Stars.”

The former “Bachelor” star recently joined retired DWTS professional dancer Cheryl Burke for an episode of her podcast. During the podcast episode, Soules opened up about his current status and experiences with reality television.

Here’s what you need to know:

Chris Soules Has Not Found Lasting Love, Yet

Soules joined Burke for the March 31 episode of her “Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans” podcast. The former “Bachelor” star noted he is “really good” these days, and “just working.”

The two revisited Soules’ reality television experiences, and Burke asked him if he was currently single or dating. Soules replied, “I’m single.”

He added, “You guys have all these weird definitions” of single and dating.” That seemed to perhaps suggest Soules might be uncertain how to classify his current status.

However, he continued, “So I’m definitely single.” Soules continued, “I mean, I’m hoping to find a wife eventually.”

Burke asked if he was interested in getting married, and Soules replied, “Oh, hell yeah.” He also mentioned wanting kids, or “At least one. That’s a good start.”

Soules is still based in Arlington, Iowa, where his family’s farm is. According to World Population Review, the town has 418 residents.

“The Bachelor” star noted, “It’s super small,” and added that most people in the town are already married. It’s a “very tight-knit” community with little opportunity available in the way of dating.

He also noted that he is open to relocating, and always has been. Throughout “The Bachelor,” there was a lot of talk about how any lady he chose would need to move to Iowa.

However, Soules told Burke, “I don’t think that was ever like an ultimatum, you know, I’ve always been pretty open-minded to that.” He added, “I actually love traveling and love other places.”

Soules noted he loves the farm and believes Arlington is “pretty beautiful,” but he also knows he doesn’t have to be physically there all the time to keep it running.

Soules Looked Back on How He Initially Joined Bachelor Nation

Burke and Soules also took a walk down memory lane during the podcast. “The Bachelor” veteran told Burke, “I had no intentions of ever being on television ever in my life.” He added, “Quite the opposite, frankly.”

He revealed he did not submit himself as an applicant for “The Bachelorette.” His sister did, and he had no idea she had done it.

“Apparently, we may have talked about it at one point, but she had sent a letter in and photos and whatever,” Soules noted.

When producers initially called him, Soules ignored the call. His sister reached out and nudged him to return the call.

Soules decided to go ahead with the casting process, for the adventure, if nothing else. The process led him to visit Los Angeles, California, for the first time in his life.

Shortly after the casting process wrapped, he was offered a spot on Andi Dorfman’s season of “The Bachelorette.” He told Burke his response to producers was, “Hell yeah.”

After being dumped by Dorfman, he eventually did “The Bachelor” and “Dancing with the Stars.” He’s not itching to return to television, but he does seem eager to pursue a family life with a wife and child.